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October 31, 2014
HHS, DHS chiefs to testify on Ebola funding
Nurses to hold Ebola protests in 13 states
Ending Obamacare subsidies: Risks vs. rewards debated
Insurers have big plans for 2015 Obamacare enrollment
How Obamacare went south in MS
Less than half of doctors in insurance directories may be available
Opinion: ICD-10 is ready to serve
Study: Doctors using EHRs spend more time on administrative tasks
CA doctors accused of abusing drugs, alcohol and over-prescribing
How sick are the world's healthcare systems?
October 30, 2014
Healthcare overhaul doubts ease for insurers
ME nurse vows to fight Ebola quarantine order
New healthcare payment model lowering costs
Under Obamacare, mental health lacking
NJ legislators seek to solve out-of-network billing problem
Two years after Sandy, FEMA aid to hospitals questioned
Epic Systems makes strategic next moves for expansion
Bellevue workers, worn out from treating Ebola patient, face stigma outside hospital
CA's Prop 45 would offer public a say on health insurance rates
Honeywell facing lawsuit over health tests
Cleveland Clinic-IBM Watson collaboration highlighted at Medical Innovation Summit
October 29, 2014
Insider-trading probe focuses on Medicare agency
Obama defends CDC's Ebola rules
Major medical groups endorse Ebola guidelines
CT tries to find quarantine compromise
Medicare plan fights FL order
Mercy Health System merging with Rockford Health System
NY transparency study spooks hospitals and insurers
Growth brings new medical options to The Woodlands (TX)
Montefiore CEO Safyer says bigger is better in healthcare
Hospitals' dirty little secret: Caregivers sharing clinical data via personal phones
October 28, 2014
CDC tweaks Ebola guidelines for travelers
NJ to release quarantined nurse
Q&A about care of Dallas Ebola patient who died
Is the Affordable Care Act working?
Some doctors wary of taking insurance exchange patients
Hospitals furious at cancer-drug price hikes
Health insurance agencies hiring for Obamacare changes
Is surgery safer at a teaching hospital?
Study: Emails between patients, physicians tripled over 10 years
In the hospital, a bad translation can destroy a life
October 27, 2014
White House preparing guidelines for returning healthcare workers
Healthcare workers say Ebola quarantines aren't the answer
As insurers try to limit costs, providers hit patients with more separate fees
Insurers' consumer data isn't ready for enrollees
Partners HealthCare leader to step down
Opinion: Reality check—There's no easy way to put a lid on healthcare costs
Salesforce to make big push into healthcare industry
The rise of retail healthcare clinics in America
You've heard of Now meet
Opinion: Social skills and leadership in healthcare—The case for boosting doctors' EQ
October 24, 2014
Doctor in New York City is sick with Ebola
HHS reshuffles amid Ebola crisis
HHS prescribes $840 million to help doctors transform their practices
Ebola misdiagnosis: Experts examine EHR lessons
HHS chief rallies docs to boost Obamacare enrollment
How Medicare 'self-referral' thrives on loophole
Knowing prices tied to lower healthcare spending
Report: Taxpayer data on Obamacare state exchanges at risk
Opinion: Ebola will elevate respect for nurses
Primary care doctors to patients: Don't forget about us
October 23, 2014
After Ebola patient cured, NE hospital takes cautions anew
CDC shifts into overdrive on Ebola
As virus spreads, insurers exclude Ebola from new policies
Some US hospitals weigh withholding care to Ebola patients
New for 2015: Obamacare insurers' opt-out clause
CA Prop. 46 pits doctors against lawyers
Deal completed, Tufts, Lowell General look to expand
Colorado Springs Health Partners gets new owner; patients unlikely to see changes
Hospital patients rarely wash their hands, may spread disease
Americans' trust in doctors is falling
Opinion: Shellshock & why EHRs need updating
October 22, 2014
Medical costs up to 20% higher with hospital-owned physician groups
More insurers put spending limits on medical treatments
Dallas hospital will no longer treat Ebola
Hospitals' struggles to beat back familiar infections began before Ebola arrived
MA makes the biggest push yet to make healthcare prices public
Demand jumps for protective equipment as Ebola cases spur hospitals into action
Health IT interoperability up to market, say feds
Phoenix VA hospital fails outside compliance review
TX hospital ex-CEO, 3 others convicted in Medicare fraud case
Could virtual care heal the health system?
October 21, 2014
CDC issues new guidelines for Ebola care
Diagnosing Ebola: Why isn’t there a rapid, reliable test?
CA nurses' union pulls Ebola into contract talks
OSHA's new rules for Ebola and other diseases could be years away
Could robots aid in the Ebola fight?
Poll: Most doctors give Obamacare low grades
Documents show $415 million funding gap between state, federal health insurance expectations
Few motives to fix busted health data
Opinion: Why health insurance companies are doomed
New doctors site rates for experience, quality
October 20, 2014
Pentagon plans Ebola response team to assist US hospitals
Hospitals sweat potential Ebola liability
CEO of TX hospital group apologizes for mistakes in Ebola cases
'I can no longer defend my hospital': Dallas nurse says Texas Health Presbyterian unprepared for Ebola
US to issue new Ebola care guidelines, watch lists to shrink
Medicare patients pay more for rural hospital services
GA's rural hospitals teeter as solutions are debated
Open enrollment puts varied impact of healthcare law back in focus
Topeka hospitals look to partnerships to reduce supply costs
Unable to meet the deductible or the doctor
October 17, 2014
Obama Names 'Ebola Czar'
CDC admits to mistakes in Ebola protocol
Poll: Most Americans confident in CDC to handle Ebola
For hospitals and clinics: Insurance to protect against losses from Ebola
AHA defends Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital
What should Ebola healthcare workers wear?
Poll: Many unaware how Ebola is spread
Administration signals doubts about calculator permitting plans without hospital benefits
At the intersection of health, healthcare, and policy
Hackensack University Medical Center announces merger with Meridian Health
When doctors and nurses work together
CMS' new investment model will help ACOs with health IT
October 16, 2014
It's not just Ebola. Healthcare is pretty dangerous work.
Lax US guidelines on Ebola led to poor hospital training, experts say
Dallas hospital learned its Ebola protocols while struggling to save mortally ill patient
Obama urges 'aggressive' monitoring of Ebola threat in US
Can Dallas hospital recover from Ebola transmissions?
Union warns of Ebola nightmare for nurses
Study: Don't expect big healthcare savings from medical malpractice reform
Spike in ER, hospitalization use short-lived after Medicaid expansion
Univ. Of Maryland first East Coast medical center to offer proton therapy
The unexpected costs of medicare
If you like your insurance, can you keep it this time around?
October 15, 2014
Ebola in TX: Second healthcare worker tests positive
76 hospital workers at risk of Ebola infection
No more Ebola whac-a-mole
Health professionals predict onslaught of nervous patients
CDC announces faster test for enterovirus D68
How the new stacks up with the old
Carondelet Health agrees to sell its two Kansas City area hospitals to Prime Healthcare Services
Opinion: Busting the myth of uncontrollable healthcare costs
Stolen medical data is now a hot commodity
Google testing virtual doctor service
October 14, 2014
Infected Dallas nurse ID'd; gets transfusion from Ebola survivor
Dedicated Ebola hospitals sought after nurse's infection
CDC makes safety improvements at Presbyterian to reduce staff's Ebola risk
Nurses union: Hospitals not prepared for Ebola; 'huge vacuum in credibility, implementation'
Daughters of Charity and post-Obamacare Silicon Valley: More healthcare turmoil ahead?
Dem senator pushes to restore $120M in hospital funding
Why some Medicare outpatients pay more at MN's rural hospitals
80% of NY hospitals face Medicare reimbursement penalties
There are more healthcare accelerators than ever, but do they work?
Hospitals across Hudson salute emergency room nurses
Many ways to check up on your hospital
October 13, 2014
CDC will offer more Ebola training to healthcare workers
NY health system opts for WHO Ebola protocol
U.S. finds many failures in Medicare health plans
CA health exchange awards millions in no-bid contracts
Prime to buy 6 Catholic hospitals in CA, SEIU opposes deal
Increasing number of FL hospitals facing Medicare fines for readmissions
NM hospital sued over data breach
Small hospitals face big challenges
McLaren still battling to build new hospital in MI
Opinion: Spiritual counseling to keep hospital bills lower
Google testing telemedicine service
October 10, 2014
Hospital releases new details about Dallas Ebola victim's treatment
HHS: There may be more Ebola cases
Flagship Baylor hospital in Dallas at risk of losing federal funding hit by minor glitch and functionality questions
No increase in Medicare Part B premiums
Medicaid, often criticized, is popular with its customers
Hidden costs for 'fully covered' care can slam patients' wallets
The CDC is carefully controlling Ebola fears
Rural communities struggle to keep doctors
Fake Ebola patients help hospitals prepare for next case
4 things we've learned about Enterovirus D68, and 1 mystery
October 9, 2014
First Ebola patient diagnosed in US dies; possible second case discounted likely ready for record-breaking traffic
Many Medicare outpatients pay more at rural hospitals, federal report says
Dollars for dudes: Almost no women among medical industry's top-paid speakers, consultants
Risks of performing surgery during Ebola outbreak outlined
MA becomes first state to require price tags for healthcare
CA prescription database privacy case heads for legal showdown
After CA hospitals unite, labor divide deepens
Private company takes over MO emergency department
Why Americans are drowning in medical debt
October 8, 2014
Healthcare workers face Ebola risks
Testing of to be kept confidential
Walmart to end health insurance coverage for some part-time workers
One US hospital's strategy for stopping Ebola's advance
Is healthcare just another chaotic, low-wage job?
Community Health Systems to buy minority shares of Natchez (MS) hospital
CMS to extend Meaningful Use hardship exemption deadline
Shorter doc training not tied to worse outcomes, study shows
Opinion: Doctors who don't know how to talk about death
'Instagram for doctors' to be launched in Europe
October 7, 2014
UPMC to co-manage cancer hospital in Lithuania
How doctors test for Ebola
Obamacare enrollment: Second year an even tougher challenge
Health plan cancellations are coming, but for relatively rew
4 Lessons from American who survived Ebola-Like virus
What you need to know about Obamacare's cost-cutting measures
How drug discounts for the poor became a windfall for hospitals
Healthcare big data debate: Public good vs. privacy
PA regulators: Highmark Medicare plan violates consent decree
Medical schools change how students prepare for work
Local hospitals invest in 'germ zapping' robots to decrease infection rates
October 6, 2014
What happens to hospital business when Ebola is in the ER?
US hospitals not prepared for Ebola virus, says nurses union
Scarier than Ebola: Human error
Phoenix Children's Hospital, billionaire entrepreneur target cancer
Augusta (GA) hospitals critique bids
Following evangelicals, traditional Catholics create a health insurance alternative
Facebook plots first steps into healthcare
Military hospitals perform 'statistically worse' for some measures of childbirth care
Opinion: Judge refuses to be pushed around by Partners HealthCare
Opinion: Ads for healthcare services do little good
October 3, 2014
Before Ebola failure, Dallas hospital saw long emergency waits
NIH official: Ignoring Ebola patient's travel history 'not excusable'
Doctor dons Ebola protection suit to protest CDC
Medicare fines 2,610 hospitals in third round of readmission penalties
What Obamacare needs to do in year two
Proton center closure doesn't slow new construction
Arson finding deepens mystery of hospital exec's death
Hospitals step up apology process around medical errors
Baptist Hospital system to lay off 112 workers
How often do patients arrive late to appointments?
Health regulators not rushing to probe Dallas hospital's handling of Ebola patient
October 2, 2014
Report: Hospital protocol failed in TB outbreak
Another court strikes down Obamacare subsidies in 36 states
More Ebola cases in USA likely, health experts say
Analysis: Government's new doctor payments website worthy of a recall marks a year, with plenty left to do
HHS is hiding health insurance rate hikes, former official charges
The healthcare system falls apart when you're a complex patient
National nursing shortage fueled by lack of teachers
Hospital infections with C. difficile level off
Minneapolis VA studying alternatives to pain meds
Eliminate the waiting room
October 1, 2014
Dallas hospital diagnoses first patient with Ebola
Our first dive into the new open payments system
Obamacare power moves to states
Doctors find barriers to sharing digital medical records
Mission Health (NC) sheds 130 jobs
CT law requires hospitals to tell patients of observation status
25 years of health IT: Highs & lows
Opinion: Medical mergers are driving up health costs
NJ Supreme Court ruling protects confidentiality of hospital's investigation in medical malpractice case
Private health insurance exchanges poised for 'hypergrowth'