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November 27, 2013
Nurse killed in stabbing rampage at TX medical center
Sebelius: 'significantly different' for Nov. 30 deadline
Obamacare won't get 7 million enrollees in 2014
Three ways Obamacare is changing how a hospital cares for patients
Hospitals urged to report quality electronically in 2014
ME allows Anthem to renew health plans due for cancellation under Obamacare
Doctors stumble upon potential bariatric surgery alternative
Easing nurse practitioner laws may save money at clinics
As boomers become seniors, healthcare technology demand grows
Why 23andMe terrifies health insurance companies
New pitch for health initiative: Mind your mom. Get insured.
November 26, 2013
Healthcare website won't be perfect on Dec. 1, administration says
States are better at running Obamacare than the federal government
Tracking the abysmal success rate of the federal healthcare exchange
Health exchanges brace for a December deluge
OH says board acted within law in Medicaid case
Snarls in retooled MA insurance site
Telemedicine consults may reduce errors at rural ERs
Victims in meningitis outbreak hope for criminal charges against compounding pharmacy
Opinion: Robotic surgery—da Vinci versus the ideal
FDA tells 23andMe to stop offering personal genetics test
November 25, 2013
Analysis of huge data sets will reshape healthcare
Enrollment delay for healthcare law coverage raises concerns for insurers
No No problem, private sites say
Medicaid expansion faces major logistical challenges among the homeless
Opinion: Some good news on healthcare
In rural KY, healthcare debate takes back seat as the long-uninsured line up
CO ads use sex and alcohol to sell health insurance repairs: Traffic goal in sight estimates may be misleading
Dose of shame included in healthcare for poor
November 22, 2013
White House moves forward with Obamacare fix
Obama's insurance fix won't affect many
Healthcare industry vested in success of Obamacare
Experts: fix needs more time, money
CA encouraged by health plan enrollment
Close for security reasons, experts say
Spending more and getting less for healthcare
Patient portals aren't very patient centric
NYC doctors admit taking bribes to order tests for patients
How doctors die: Showing others the way
November 21, 2013
Limited patient choice next health overhaul issue
Obamacare bailout sought as effort planned to bypass site
Many exchange health plans exclude top hospitals
Applicants find health website is improving, but not fast enough
Lower health increases could spur job growth, analysts say
Staff, visitors sue Las Vegas hospital in TB case
Healthcare regulator's move to Kaiser under investigation
UC hospital workers begin one-day strike
Former NJ doctor sentenced for $19M billing fraud
What is a nail salon entrepreneur doing at healthcare startup accelerator?
November 20, 2013
Push to renew health plans finds unlikely state allies
Up to 40 percent of Obamacare's 'back office' functions yet to be built, tech chief says
Safety-net hospitals lose more under Medicare's quality-based payments
Doctors complain they will be paid less by exchange plans
Johnson & Johnson to offer $2.5 billion hip device settlement
Doctors, hospitals catch goofs on WA state insurance exchange
Senate passes bill to step up oversight of compounding pharmacies
Baptist Health System settles $3.5 million federal false claims lawsuit
Some MN physicians eschew new cholesterol guidelines
Opinion: The golden age of health informatics?
Five takeaways: Why doctors stay mum about mistakes their colleagues make
November 19, 2013
Officials were warned about health site woes
Health insurers face an uncertain future
Obamacare gives states grants to cut health costs
Risk calculator for cholesterol appears flawed
Medicare's failure to track doctors wastes billions on name-brand drugs
Democrats downplay lawmaker defections over ACA
MA consumers cannot keep canceled health plans
Physician payment reform matters to cancer patients
New scrutiny for medical devices
Medical specialists are increasingly 'beamed' into remote hospitals
EHR adoption a struggle for rural hospitals
November 18, 2013
Opinion: How we got Obamacare to work
Nine CA Valley hospitals hit with Medicare penalties over patient satisfaction goal is for 80% of users to be able to enroll for insurance
Efficiency push comes at a price for IN hospitals
Healthcare apps that doctors use
Obama's fix for canceled plans throws insurers a curveball
Opinion: American healthcare: Too much, too late?
Healthcare deductibles a shock to MI consumers errors below 1%
At clinics, tumultuous lives and turbulent care
November 15, 2013
Obama selects health policy advocate as Surgeon General
Insurers aren't keen on Obama's pledge to extend coverage
Nearly 1,500 hospitals penalized under Medicare program rating quality
Obamacare will create healthcare jobs
CA takes down 10 fake Obamacare websites
FL may have to prop up Medicaid pay for doctors
Opinion: Health reform's problems run deeper than a glitchy website
Long-awaited kidney transplant canceled over hospital strike
Annual doctor visits will increase cholesterol drug use
Sheriff: Suspect shot, wounded inside hospital
Obama gives people an extra year to keep health insurance
November 14, 2013
Health law enrollment figures far lower than initial estimates
Officials say they don't know cost of health website fixes
Another top Upstate Medical administrator steps down amid pay investigation
AZ Governor seeks money to recruit more nurses
Pain med prescribing guidelines mostly agree
Washington state is making health exchange work
Patients, families are in the dark over risky MN nurses
Doctors told to get tougher with patients about weight
Tupelo hospital lays off 109 workers
Opinion: Fix the handful of US hospitals responsible for out-of-control costs
November 13, 2013
Officials appeal to frustrated users: Come back
New US heart guidelines back stronger therapies for high-risk patients
Anthem Blue Cross extends some canceled policies
Is Obamacare driving doctors to refuse insurance?
Pharmacy bill set for test vote in Senate
Idaho board keeping HIX inquiry secret
How mobile apps could transform rural healthcare
When healers get too friendly
Letting medical students run the clinic
Who is responsible for the pain-pill epidemic?
November 12, 2013
Insurers press for way around enrollment falls far short of target
Problems with federal health portal also stymie Medicaid enrollment
Obamacare rollout: Doctors concerned about patients, care, fees
Report: OR has zero healthcare enrollees
Opinion: Hospitals too must reform under Obamacare
Bernard Tyson of Kaiser Permanente, on speaking your mind
Robot surgical incidents may pressure hospital training
Doctors rely on helping hands to fill primary care gaps
Health IT could reduce demand for physicians
ER visits fell after warnings put on kids cough drugs
November 11, 2013
Cuts in hospital subsidies threaten safety-net care
Obama fires back at critics after apologizing for healthcare debacle
Rush is on to get healthcare now, with high-deductible plans looming in 2014
White House relying more on insurance carriers to help fix
Adjoining states face differences with healthcare law
Why doctors stay mum about mistakes their colleagues make
Con men prey on confusion over healthcare act
Beyond 'I'm sorry': 5 ideas to help make Obamacare work
In MA, healthcare prices remain hard to get
S.F. programmers build alternative to
November 8, 2013
CT AG asks HHS to probe United Healthcare
Obama personally apologizes for Americans losing health coverage
Obamacare isn't facing a 'death spiral'
How Obamacare will change employer-provided insurance
10 Republican senators want Sebelius fired over Obamacare rollout
How states actively prevent people from learning about healthcare plans
6 lifesaving lessons from the ER
Could mass DNA testing change healthcare?
NH hospital excluded from network to get hearing
In a disaster, will your hospital be ready?
Hospital room lighting may worsen patients' mood, pain
November 7, 2013
Top US insurer sees weak Obamacare sign-ups, prepares for delay
Sebelius rejects delays to get time to repair problems at health site
Government healthcare IT official leaves
President touts Obamacare as 'universal healthcare'
Humana sees lower profit due to spending on exchanges, Medicaid
Maryland panel recommends holding hospital rates steady
Retail clinics boom, but still small part of overall market
Voters approve $830 million for Jackson Health System
Patient dies after hospital's monitoring alarms shut off
Sheriff cites confusion, glitches in search for missing hospital patient
November 6, 2013
Tavenner faces questions from Senate panel that helped write health law
Endo Health buying Paladin Labs for about $1.5B
Two US hospital chains dismiss Obamacare technical woes
Notes reveal chaotic White House talks on healthcare site
Sutter Health settles suit over anesthesia billing
Court upholds $14.2 million judgment against UPMC
CA insurance chief faults health exchange for cancellations
Anthem Blue Cross is sued over policy cancellations
Health center closure raises concerns in St. Louis
Grocery chain branches out into healthcare
November 5, 2013
HHS: Expect more outages at
J&J will pay more than $2.2 billion to settle US cases
Obamacare finally gets real for America
21% of Obamacare visitors have enrolled
ACA could be further hamstrung by shortage of doctors
Mobile health tech could reduce doctor visits
Study points to 'imbalance' in spending on doctor training
Hollywood targeted to give healthcare law a boost
Addicted nurses keep licenses
NY hospital group turns the tables on hospital graders
November 4, 2013
Under healthcare act, millions eligible for free policies
Canceled health insurance plans add to angst of change
2014 health insurance costs rising more
Project aims to tame flood of hospital ICU data
So you found an exchange plan. But can you find a provider?
Fresh off its IPO, Charlotte-based healthcare alliance Premier Inc. aims for broader reach
Only 6 able to sign up on's first day, documents show How political fear was pitted against technical needs and the inevitably digital future of American governance
Is the future? We ask a health futurist
Opinion: Who's responsible for healthcare?
November 1, 2013
Contrite White House spurns health law's critics
Lawmakers want to stop fee-for-service Medicare payments
US lawmaker subpoenas Sebelius for Obamacare documents
Doctors are enlisted to aid both sides on healthcare law
Obamacare marketing push on hold
Cigna CEO: Canceled US health plans are disruptive part of reform
One-third of doctors exchange clinical summaries
Midwives and nurses are as good as docs -- and sometimes better, WHO finds
Manhattan hospital confirms employee tested positive for tuberculosis
NY targets dirty doctors involved in no-fault auto insurance scams
Lawmakers offer new Medicare plan for paying doctors