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Managed Care Contracting and Reimbursement Advisor

Managed Care Contracting & Reimbursement Advisor tells you exactly what you must know and do to successfully negotiate the best deal with HMOs, PPOs, and other payors - and get bigger and faster reimbursement! Subscribe to this newsletter.
September 25, 2009 - Issue 32 - View Full Issue
December 1, 2009 - Issue 12 - View Full Issue
   Prepare for cooperation, scrutiny, and declining reimbursements in 2010
November 1, 2009 - Issue 11 - View Full Issue
   Learn how to challenge flawed ratings, tiers
   Silent PPOs, unintended discounts, and your bottom line: Learn how to identify and address leased networks
October 1, 2009 - Issue 10 - View Full Issue
   Articulate when and how payers can access records
   Insurer report card reflects progress
September 1, 2009 - Issue 9 - View Full Issue
   Negotiate better terms, avoid costly pitfalls
   Experts offer last-minute RAC advice
August 1, 2009 - Issue 8 - View Full Issue
   Renewals: To negotiate better terms, know where you stand
   On average, insurance-related paperwork costs more than $60,000 per year, according to new study
July 1, 2009 - Issue 7 - View Full Issue
   Prepare for aggressive recovery efforts from self-funded employers
   Book excerpt: Alignment improves payer relations
June 1, 2009 - Issue 6 - View Full Issue
   Build your own payer report card to assess performance data
   Use arbitration effectively in payer contract language, dispute resolution
May 1, 2009 - Issue 5 - View Full Issue
   Take a business approach to your managed care contracting strategy
   Do your homework before going out of network
April 1, 2009 - Issue 4 - View Full Issue
   Use lessons learned from capitation to improve managed care performance
   Prepare your organization for machine-readable patient ID cards
March 1, 2009 - Issue 3 - View Full Issue
   Consider collection agency to handle delinquent accounts
   Prepare your organization to comply with Red Flags regs
February 9, 2009 - Issue 2 - View Full Issue
   Involve physicians in your managed care contract negotiations
   Cash in on Medicare bonus for e-prescribing
January 1, 2009 - Issue 1 - View Full Issue