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March 31, 2014
North Adams (MA) Regional Hospital closes after tumultuous day, expected to reopen Monday
Two Boston hospitals change surgical technique after cancer debate
March 28, 2014
House SGR Patch Bill Puts ICD-10, Two-Midnights Rule on Hold
Hospitals chart ways to boost care, funding under ACA
Making profits and differences at hospitals
Slideshow: Cardio Services—Keeping Pace with the Pulse of Population Health
March 27, 2014
Hospital-Acquired Infections Decline, But Threat Remains
Hospital ratings show sharp differences in safety, chance of dying
MO hospitals cut positions, new construction
The most and least healthy counties in America
Nitroglycerin, a staple of emergency rooms, is in short supply
March 26, 2014
Medicare Rules Make Offsite Organ Recovery Costly
MA hospital to close on 3 days' notice; 500 jobs lost
Hospitals, union square off on nurse staffing bill likely headed for ballot
Consumer, labor groups slam NJ Health Department for lax hospital oversight
L.A. hospital doctors practice communication skills in 'operating room of the future'
March 25, 2014
Organ Recovery Centers Reduce Transplant Costs 37%
20 tests healthcare CIOs must juggle
When both doctors care, but neither can help
March 24, 2014
Integrating the Health System Revenue Cycle
Fewer patient admissions a symptom of healthcare 'transformation,' study says
Emerson Hospital: Portrait of a community hospital under pressure
Beaumont Hospital discusses merger with Botsford Health Care, Oakwood Healthcare
March 21, 2014
Oncology Service Line: A Change in Focus
'Vicious Cycle' Flagged in MA Hospital Financing Disparities
More drug-resistant infections seen in US children
Efficiency, the doctor will see you now
The diminishing returns of modern medicine
March 20, 2014
5 Steps to Preventing Security Breaches
New heart disease guidelines shift more toward statins
IBM's Watson takes aim at cancer
Alternative to colonoscopy detects cancers, though it has its own 'ick' factor
March 19, 2014
Septic Shock Treatment Protocols Challenged
Physicians Urged to Become 'Political Advocates' for Patients
Concerns about cancer centers under health law
Measles outbreak in NY may have spread in medical facilities
Miami-Dade commission signs off on bonus for Jackson hospital workers
MI Medical Center to pay $200,000 to settle reverse-discrimination lawsuit
March 18, 2014
ICD-10 and EHR Fuel Clinical Documentation Improvements
FL hospital tracks nurses footsteps, work patterns
March 17, 2014
Researchers Link ICD-10 Shift to Financial Losses
Two-Midnights Rule Spells Grim Financial Forecast for Hospitals
Official: Dollar-driven healthcare causes harm
WA healthcare reform enters phase 2
March 14, 2014
Survival post-surgery linked to hospital differences
In the fight against germs, NJ healthcare facilities get smarter
NY hospital warns patients of possible HIV, hepatitis exposure
Emergency rooms are no place for the elderly
Slideshow: Healthcare Leaders Discuss Population Health Management
March 13, 2014
Opinion: Why aren't doctors drug tested?
EHR Spending Continues, But Jury Still Out on ROI
VT has new plan to slow healthcare costs
U of L Hospital officials urge Senate panel not to cut indigent care funding
Overstays cost HI hospitals $63 million a year
McLean (VA) doctor says 'concierge medicine' is future of primary healthcare
March 12, 2014
US, citing 'urgent' need, calls on hospitals to improve disaster plans
Lawmaker: Readmission fines should reflect patient demographics
NY hospital alerting 4,247 patients of possible blood contamination
Can wearable tech prevent healthcare errors?
March 11, 2014
US cancer doctors urge payment fix as cases set to rise
March 10, 2014
Hospital Groups Strike Back at Hospital Rating Systems
What makes a community healthy?
Healthcare violence: Urologists on edge; motivations under scrutiny
Nurses revive effort to beef up, regulate hospital charity care
Opinion: Another healthcare crisis—closing hospitals
March 7, 2014
NPs in FL could soon prescribe controlled substances
Yale New Haven Health Partners with Tenet Healthcare in CT
Opinion: Hospitals are the big winners
Is it ill-advised for doctors to Google their patients?
March 6, 2014
Norovirus outbreak at rehab hospital sickens 25
March 5, 2014
Health workers' union pushes hospital cost control in CA
CDC Warns of Antibiotic Overuse in Hospitals
Repurposing closed hospitals as for-profit medical malls
Erlanger: Cutting PTO was necessary amid hospital's financial woes
March 4, 2014
Proposed hospital sale means NJ will pay $30 million debt
Hospitals Adapting Amid Continued Drug Shortages
AHRQ: Surgical Admissions Bring 48% of Hospital Revenue
Health Department says some in RI might have been exposed to measles
March 3, 2014
Steep Drop Seen in Medically Unnecessary C-Sections
Two-Midnight Rule Must be Fixed or Replaced, Say Providers
Batavia, Rochester hospitals pursue merger
Opinion: Healthcare jobs are getting squeezed, finally