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April 30, 2014
The healthcare system is so broken, it's time for doctors to strike
Rural GA hospitals struggle to stay open
Layoffs near at KMC; losses reach $3.4M monthly
Opinion: A doctor's declaration of independence
Syracuse hospital says it may be sued over patient slapping
April 29, 2014
Wilderness is this Doc's Emergency Department, Classroom, Passion
Telemedicine's Expanding Options
Doctors get millions from Medicare after losing their licenses
Hospitals go clean, post doc reviews
ID board disapproves of telemedicine
Opinion: Primary care doctors need more pay, support
April 28, 2014
State Medical Malpractice Caps Under Fire
'Tiering and steering' a contentious issue for local healthcare
In poorest states, political stigma is depressing participation in health law
Debate heating up over CA hospital charity care bill
April 25, 2014
Physicians find security in the cloud
More than 30 ME doctors victimized in tax fraud case with national reach
Opinion: Are med school grads prepared to practice medicine?
The secret world of drug-addict doctors
Slideshow: Healthcare Leaders on Clinical Services and Profit Margins
April 24, 2014
NFP Hospitals' Revenue Growth Outpaced by Expense Growth Rate
Blum Latest Leader to Exit HHS
Medicare's $5 billion ambulance tab signals area of abuse
Wellness programs grow more popular with employers
April 23, 2014
US official responsible for reforming Medicare is leaving post
Court strikes down OH hospital merger
Male MDs earn way more than females in Medicare
Measure would increase physician assistant ratio in FL
April 22, 2014
AMA report: Doctors support nearly 572,000 jobs
Salaries rising for fundraisers at top charities
Court to consider Natchez hospital ombudsman
Intensive care patient to face charges of selling drugs from hospital bed
Intuitive Surgical profit dives 77% on robot sales
April 21, 2014
Western PA to get taste of TN-style for-profit health care
CU system resets healthcare with $63M personalized medicine division
April 17, 2014
Reform Puts Vise Grips on Physicians
Medicare Opt-Out a Viable Physician Strategy
Medicare kept paying indicted, sanctioned doctors
Are docs 'choosing wisely'?
Doctors, medical staff on drugs put patients at risk
April 16, 2014
NPP Demand Rising Under Value-Based Care Models
Tufts, Lowell hospital uniting
Summa Health eliminates weekend premium pay for nurses
Agreement between MN hospital and interim CEO released
Man found dead of gunshot wound in Johns Hopkins Hospital bathroom
April 15, 2014
How being a doctor became the most miserable profession
Why doctor ratings are misleading
New fire safety regs for hospitals
April 14, 2014
ICD-10 Delay Alters Provider, Vendor Prep
NY City's hospital specialists are raking in millions of dollars
Opinion: How will Boomer, Gen-X, Millennial doctors respond to healthcare changes?
Community Medical Center will be fifth for-profit hospital in MT
April 11, 2014
Opinion: Will patients 'like' the doctor who tells them they're dying?
Healthcare workers wash hands more when patients are watching
Sebelius Resigning from HHS
April 10, 2014
Hopkins workers strike over wages
Should academic physicians serve on drug-company boards?
Health sector's hot real estate market
Nurses say pagers must go; hospitals drag feet
April 9, 2014
Sliver of Medicare doctors get big share of payouts
Release of Medicare Physician Payment Data Imminent
Economist: Disclosing doctors' Medicare pay might be 'pretty damning'
An insurer bets on primary care doctors to lower costs
10 things EMRs won't say
Drugstores play doctor: Physicals, flu diagnosis, and more
April 8, 2014
Business Roundup: Tenet Wins Latest Round in SC Hospital Fight
AMA won't stop Medicare doc data release
Nurses from North Adams Regional Hospital picket bankruptcy court
When employees steal patient records
Jury awards nearly $3 million in MO malpractice case
Syracuse surgeon slapped sedated patients, called them insulting names, feds say
April 7, 2014
Why walk-in healthcare is a fast-growing profit center for retail chains
Rural MS hospitals align with larger ones to survive
Carolinas HealthCare integrating behavioral health in primary care practice
Insult and injury: How doctors are losing the war against trolls
April 4, 2014
MA hospital files for bankruptcy liquidation; work to reopen ER continues
Doctor shortage found in western NY, upstate
Widow awarded $1.1 million in wrongful death lawsuit against ME doctor
Slideshow: Healthcare Leaders on Executive Compensation
April 3, 2014
US to let public see how Medicare pays doctors
75 former NARH employees hired by Berkshire Medical Center
Health department raises alarm about RI hospital infection controls after measles incident
April 2, 2014
Burnt out primary care docs are voting with their feet
Wage war brews at Johns Hopkins Hospital
New law to give NY nurse practitioners more freedom from doctors
Thousands of jobs shed in Pittsburgh region's hospitals
April 1, 2014
Senate Passes SGR Fix, Obama Likely to Sign
Healthcare among job sectors with highest obesity rates
VT hospital prepares for more patients after the closing of North Adams Regional Hospital
Boston hospitals take steps to set healthy examples for patients