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April 30, 2014
CMS Releases 2015 IPPS Proposal
Can Google Glass Get Any HIPAA?
A deadly fungus and questions at a hospital
Emanuel: Although 'not a perfect law,' ACA is protecting patients
The healthcare system is so broken, it's time for doctors to strike
CT hospitals battle medical malpractice costs
Compromise elusive on HCA trauma centers
Syracuse hospital says it may be sued over patient slapping
April 29, 2014
We're importing saline from Norway
Wilderness is this Doc's Emergency Department, Classroom, Passion
Report: Health exchanges' drug coverage confusing
Doctors get millions from Medicare after losing their licenses
Once opposed to ACA, now a convert
ID board disapproves of telemedicine
Study: Costly breast cancer treatment more common at for-profit hospitals
April 28, 2014
State Medical Malpractice Caps Under Fire
'Tiering and steering' a contentious issue for local healthcare
How did America end up with this healthcare system?
Opinion: America's broken healthcare system—The role of drug, device manufacturers
Healthcare apps offer patients an active role
April 25, 2014
Veterans languish and die on a VA hospital's secret list
CDC: Vaccines save hundreds of thousands of lives
RAND: Medicare should weigh cost in coverage decisions
Physicians find security in the cloud
Tapping into controversial back surgeries
Opinion: Are med school grads prepared to practice medicine?
Hacker group Anonymous targets Children's Hospital
The secret world of drug-addict doctors
Slideshow: Healthcare Leaders on Clinical Services and Profit Margins
April 24, 2014
CMS Poised to Announce ICD-10 Implementation Date
CDC: Try Drug Stewardship to Curb Antibiotic Overuse
Medicare's $5 billion ambulance tab signals area of abuse
Data governance required for healthcare data warehouse
Opinion: Heartbleed bodes ill for sensitive health data
MIA in the war on cancer: Where are the low-cost treatments?
The case for seeing a nurse instead of a doctor
Wellness programs grow more popular with employers
April 23, 2014
Managed Care Contract Negotiations Morph Under PPACA
Cyberattack Drill Exposes Healthcare's Vulnerabilities
Feds Stonewall ICD-10 Summit
FDA proposes program for faster approval of medical device
Opinion: Stop the war on the emergency room
Health systems first to combine radiology, EHR
Measure would increase physician assistant ratio in FL
Hospitals can speed stroke treatment, but it's not easy
April 22, 2014
CMS to Speak with ICD-10 Backers Tuesday
Last-minute change in TN law lets hospitals drop patients
Hospitals challenge observational case designation
House calls are making a comeback
Salaries rising for fundraisers at top charities
15-minute visits take a toll on the doctor-patient relationship
Court to consider Natchez hospital ombudsman
Intensive care patient to face charges of selling drugs from hospital bed
Intuitive Surgical profit dives 77% on robot sales
April 17, 2014
Reform Puts Vise Grips on Physicians
Medicare Opt-Out a Viable Physician Strategy
Medicare kept paying indicted, sanctioned doctors
Opinion: ICD-10 delay—Politics trump health data quality
MGH doctors to pay $4.5m over death
Doctors' free samples have a hidden cost
Hospital visits fell when seniors got drug coverage
Doctors, medical staff on drugs put patients at risk
April 16, 2014
Hospital Groups Back NQF Report on Patient Sociodemographics
NPP Demand Rising Under Value-Based Care Models
Hospitals sue Medicare over 'two-nights' rule
Medical research rises from Boston Marathon tragedy
Report: 5 died after infections tied to linens at Children's Hospital
Man found dead of gunshot wound in Johns Hopkins Hospital bathroom
April 15, 2014
Providers Lag as Consumers Set Agenda
Doctors overlook lucrative procedures when naming unwise treatments
Medical devices for kids are often only tested on adults
New fire safety regs for hospitals
If doctors don't like electronic medical records, should we care?
April 14, 2014
Diabetics at center of healthcare battle
Torrance hospitals give patients hotel-like food experience
Stanford Hospital doctors and staff reunite with former trauma patients
April 11, 2014
Healthcare workers wash hands more when patients are watching
Sebelius Resigning from HHS
A doctor's 'people skills' affect patients' health
April 10, 2014
CMS Makes Physician Claims Data Public
AMA Urges Caution with Medicare Doctor Data
Many doubt benefit of annual physicals exceeds cost
Scientists trying to build functional human heart with 3-D printer
April 9, 2014
Physicians sound off on EHRs
Blue Cross cuts back on painkiller prescriptions
10 things EMRs won't say
Drugstores play doctor: Physicals, flu diagnosis, and more
CT hospitals follow aviation, nuclear power in targeting errors
What American healthcare can learn from Germany
April 8, 2014
OpenNotes Expands Regional EHR Adoption
Doctor appointment availability varies by insurance type
Sidestepping the biopsy with new tools to spot cancer
On-screen doctor visits are the new house call
Jury awards nearly $3 million in MO malpractice case
April 7, 2014
ACOs Show Uneven Progress
Medicare Advantage Program Standards Tightening
Why walk-in healthcare is a fast-growing profit center for retail chains
Even small medical advances can mean big jumps in bills
HI's trailblazing healthcare underscores disparity
Carolinas HealthCare integrating behavioral health in primary care practice
Insult and injury: How doctors are losing the war against trolls
April 4, 2014
Doctor shortage found in western NY, upstate
The hospital-dependent patient
Widow awarded $1.1 million in wrongful death lawsuit against ME doctor
April 3, 2014
US to let public see how Medicare pays doctors
Top Boston hospital begins to tackle readmissions problem
April 2, 2014
Patient Volumes, Patterns Shifting
MSPB Adds Nuance to Readmission Rates
Review finds mammography's benefits overplayed, harms dismissed
April 1, 2014
VT hospital prepares for more patients after the closing of North Adams Regional Hospital
Boston hospitals take steps to set healthy examples for patients
A hospital door handle that sanitizes hands with a touch