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May 30, 2014
How a Community Hospital Tackles Diabetes
Medicare Overpaid Physicians $6.7B For Miscoded Claims
Medicare on drugs: 24,000 tests for 145 patients
Medtronic settles whistleblower lawsuit for $9.9M
Obamacare lightens load for cancer patients
Senators push for Medicare to cover lung cancer test
Doctor shortage is cited in delays at VA hospitals
Measles cases in US spike to highest level in 20 years
Hospital accused of dumping patient in L.A.'s skid row to pay $500,000
Healthcare's new friend: Avatars
May 29, 2014
KY hospital to pay nearly $41M in federal settlement
Mental Health Integration in Primary Care
7 things healthcare systems should know about the next big benefit change
Harsh report finds VA hid waiting lists
Experts expect changes in FL's 'post-caps world'
Healthcare IT security worse than retail, study says
With special clinics, hospitals vie for hesitant patients: Men
Most doctors wouldn't want intensive care at the end of life
Sonoma County man battling cancer denied coverage by Anthem Blue Cross after paying $100K in premiums
May 28, 2014
Insurers push to rein in spending on cancer care
Hospitals face Obamacare uninsured funding gap
US Republican seeks private healthcare for waiting veterans
Opinion: Privatization won't fix the VA
Safety net hospitals already seeing more paying patients — and revenue
Patients advise doctors on ways to reform medical practice
Should doctors work for hospitals?
Slideshow: The ED Fix: Triage, Coordination and Navigation
May 27, 2014
Value-Based Investments Pay Off for NFP Hospitals
Private hospitals could take some pressure off VA
May 23, 2014
Payer Backlash May Slow Unnecessary Spinal Fusion Surgeries
Sebelius OKs Foundation Subsidies for QHP Enrollee Premiums
Some CO doctors may be overcharging Medicare for routine visits
What will it take to fix VA healthcare?
Obamacare expected to be boon to urgent care facilities
Medicare to expand 'prior authorization' for device coverage
Single sign-on transforms healthcare at MI hospital
How many patients should doctors see each day?
How the typical hospital will change with tech and shift to patient-centered care
Slideshow: Monitoring Quality Along the Care Continuum
May 22, 2014
Final 2015 HIX Rule Includes Measures to Stabilize Premium Rates
Medicare may be overpaying hospitals for patients who don't stay long
FDA advisory on surgical device divides doctors
Only 2 in 5 L.A. health clinics are ready for Obamacare patients
Elderly may have trouble accessing online health records
Rural hospitals a model for cutting healthcare costs
When doctors play this game, patients get better medical care
May 21, 2014
Observation, Two-Midnight Rules Hit in Hearing
Better healthcare through analytics
Way too many doctors are prescribing antibiotics in error, study says
Millennials, Boomers want different healthcare conveniences
Patients lose when doctors can't do good physical exams
May 20, 2014
CMS eHealth Summit: Physicians Call for Simplification
Transitions of Care Go Digital
Group demands probe into possible NIH conflict of interest
What a doctor may miss when he reaches for the MRI first
Wait times to see a VA doctor an issue for MI veterans
TX nurse practitioners look to ease supervision rules
When doctors treat patients like themselves
May 19, 2014
EHR Use Surges at Health Centers
'Stunning' Number of Sepsis Cases Among Patients Who Die in Hospitals
VA official quits amid furor over delayed care at hospitals
Poorer health of surgery patients on Medicaid may alter law's bottom line
Mother accuses doctors of forcing a C-section and files suit
May 16, 2014
With Saline in Short Supply, Hospitals Look for Alternatives
NASS Aims for Transparency in Spine Care
Meet the docs who charge Medicare top dollar for office visits
Obama administration approves cost control strategy for health procedures
US mines personal health data to find the vulnerable in emergencies
Inside global hunt for source of MERS
Diabetes afflicts 1 in 3 hospitalized patients over 34 in CA
May 15, 2014
Throughput and Satisfaction in the ED
Lung cancer screening could cost Medicare billions
A look at allegations of cover-ups at VA hospitals
For Medicaid patients, access to primary-care may not be as advertised
May 14, 2014
Feds Bust 90 Linked to Medicare Fraud Schemes Totaling $260M
Medicare Pays Billions for Wasteful Care
Ousted surgeon's supporters pack Aspen hospital board room
Two FL hospital employees have flu-like symptoms after contact with MERS case
Three Harvard hospitals pilot Google Glass app Remedy
May 13, 2014
Highmark Execs Detail ACO Transformation
How Obamacare May Boost ED Profits
Overused medical services cost Medicare billions of dollars
Hospitals see blue-red divide early into Obamacare's coverage expansion
Group pushes Congress to regulate telehealth
The doctor will see you now via webcam
May 12, 2014
Salvaged Blood Safer, Cheaper than Transfusions, Study Says
Health centers hurt in states that skipped Medicaid expansion
US healthcare firms pay $4.8m in damages after 6,800 patient records leaked to web
Apple's healthcare prospects intrigue industry observers
May 9, 2014
Providers' Trust in Payers 'Abominably Low'
The hospitals most likely to give patients a C-section, ranked
CDC warns of common parasites plaguing millions in US
What the US can learn from Brazil's healthcare mess
May 8, 2014
Remote Monitoring Exploring New Territories
Hospitals are cutting down on their deadly mistakes, HHS says
How Making Hospital Quality Data Public Affects Providers
Hospitals boost patient safety, but more work is needed
Cancer doctors join insurers in US drug-cost revolt
$4.8M is heftiest HIPAA penalty yet from federal regulators
Chronic disease patients' top online privacy worries
May 7, 2014
Telemedicine Still Facing Barriers in Many States
Chemo costs in US driven higher by shift to hospital outpatient facilities
Surgeries at ambulatory centers are quicker and cheaper than at hospitals
Opinion: The day I started lying to Ruth—A cancer doctor on losing his wife
May 6, 2014
Medicare Payment Changes Garner Approval of FQHC Advocates
Bariatric Surgery and the Obesity Battle
Death rate fell in MA after healthcare overhaul
First US MERS patient expected to be released from IN hospital
Healthcare nonprofit learns patient engagement game
NY hospitals overcharge med records by $7M
VA treatment records falsified, probe finds
Prescription for disaster
May 5, 2014
Find Deeper Healthcare Supply Chain Savings
Telemedicine policy draws opposition from patient advocates, healthcare providers
Feds reject LSU hospital deals
Patients fear Mt. Sinai will drop low-cost insurance plans
Opinion: Medicare Advantage—Moving toward a better model for American healthcare
May 2, 2014
CMS Resets ICD-10 Start Date
Medicare seeks to stop overpayments for hospice patients' drugs
Doctors think the other guy often prescribes unnecessary care
CDC: Hundreds of thousands of Americans die unnecessarily every year
The states with the worst healthcare systems
Slideshow: The New Primary Care Model—A Patient-Centered Approach to Care Coordination
May 1, 2014
2015 IPPS Proposed Rules Detailed
Return of the Autopsy
Cloud, analytics improve breast cancer screening education
HIV patient's lawsuit against Lahey Clinic and doctors moves forward
World Health Organization: No, seriously, stop abusing antibiotics
Opinion: Preserving the integrated model of care