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May 31, 2013
Medicare Trust Fund Solvency Extended
Health law is fostering competition, US says
Infection Expert: Don't Rush to Change MRSA Protocols
CDC: 1 in 5 Adults Used Emergency Department in 2011
Will Obamacare force insurers to compete?
More than 100 insurers sign up for Obama healthcare exchanges
Opinion: To reduce healthcare's costs, destroy its jobs
NY healthcare company seeks bankruptcy, blames Medicare cuts
MN health insurance exchange to cost $58.1 million in 2014
May 30, 2013
Better MRSA Strategy: Treat All ICU Patients
Immigrants are net contributors to US Medicare program
Many private policies could be canceled because they don't measure up
Health law spared young adults from high hospital bills
Low costs and narrow networks: Inside covered CA
HHS finalizes wellness rules under healthcare law
Healthcare is spread thin on Alaskan frontier
May 29, 2013
Hospitals Thinking Beyond 30-Day Readmissions
Medicare spending variations mostly due to health differences
Opinion: Obamacare's original sin
Practice of billing Medicare to fix droopy lids raises eyebrows
May 28, 2013
3 Reasons Urinary Catheters are Overused in Hospitals
HMA Moves to Block Takeover Attempt
Health law critics seek to gut it by attacking exchanges
Obamacare unveiled as CA, NY lead US
High-deductible health plans scale back to avoid 'Cadillac tax'
Partisan gridlock thwarts effort to alter health law
Lack of insurance choice troubles some in NH
As ME hospitals grow, prices, access to medical care are put on the line
May 24, 2013
Healthcare Costs Hit Record High, But Growth Rate Slows
Clock ticking on full Medicaid expansion funds
Immigrant healthcare bills stump House group
Some unions now angry about healthcare overhaul
CA picks 13 health plans for state-run insurance market
Insurance premiums after ACA kicks in remain a mystery
IL Senate approves health insurance exchange
May 23, 2013
How the most powerful woman in healthcare finds balance
UC hospitals cancel surgeries, divert patients amid strike
Latest from Parkland: All the good stuff happens in executive session
Opinion: Health IT—Make sure policy umbrella is big enough for all
KY short 3,800 doctors even before Medicaid expansion
May 22, 2013
Uncompensated Care Faces a Double Hit in Some States
House Lawmakers Grill CMS Over Health Exchange Navigators
Loophole in healthcare law could stick doctors with tab
End of health price secrecy may be starting in Miami
Humana CEO sticks with Medicare focus amid funding pressure
House immigration talks hang on healthcare
WI hospitals reduce central-line infections
Public in Deep South supports expanding Medicaid, but lawmakers don't
May 21, 2013
How Chargemaster Data May Affect Hospital Revenue
Healthcare regs move forward
Some could have gaps in medical coverage under new law
Healthcare workers set to strike CA public hospitals
Is the future of American health care in OR?
WA hospitals fight to limit reports on infections
Here's why hospitals set high prices
May 20, 2013
Owners of for-profit North Jersey hospitals cash in on land beneath
69% of Employers Plan to Offer Healthcare Coverage After 2014
Primary Care Docs Average More Hospital Revenue Than Specialists
Medicaid opposition underscores states' healthcare disparities
Belleville Memorial Hospital takes on nation's largest insurer
Is healthcare's slowdown for real?
IBM shows off latest healthcare work to lawmakers
When it comes to healthcare, it pays to shop around
New Jersey hospital has highest billing rates in the nation
May 17, 2013
CMS Seeks to 'Rapidly Reduce' Medicare Spending with $1B in Grants
Case Study: Advance Care Conversations
Obamacare isn't getting repealed. But not because it's popular.
Boehner: No ACA replacement timetable
Sebelius limited her fundraising for health law to two companies
Obamacare: 3 years in, it faces steep challenges
NC state officials pitch Medicaid managed care to doctors
Hospital charges and the need for a maximum price obligation rule
May 16, 2013
Tavenner Confirmed as CMS Administrator
Medicare spending projections are plummeting
What the IRS scandal means for healthcare reform
UnitedHealth, Humana may see surge in Medicare Advantage
Why 'Medicare-for-all' is not the answer
House GOP knocks healthcare reform in 'Arrested Development' spoof
May 15, 2013
How Medical Debt Forgiveness Benefits Hospitals
Senate Finance Committee Hears More 'Doc Fix' Testimony
$223M Medicare fraud bust nabs 89 in 8 cities
House to vote yet again on repealing healthcare law
2 million fewer US uninsured to gain health coverage
Hospitals prepare to cut care in Medicaid opt-out states
In Miami, more hospital prices may see light of day
Bills seek to open ME hospital board meetings to public
Health plans seek EHR data for new payment models
May 14, 2013
Access to EHR Notes Lauded by Patients, Providers
CMS Proposes Reduced Hospital DSH Cuts
Medicare drug program fails to monitor prescribers
Senators Want Provider Feedback on Medicare Payments
Opinion: Want to improve healthcare? Spend less on it
20 health IT leaders who are driving change
VT end-of-life bill heads to governor
Medical device companies more frequently investigated under Obama
White House gives nod to UT's dual exchange
May 13, 2013
Building a Better Healthcare Board
Cautious optimism healthcare spending growth has slowed
A healthcare business that's reviving house calls
Opinion: Downward pressure on healthcare costs
Health insurance tax 'scares the daylights' out of some small-business owners
Sebelius turns to health executives to finance Obamacare
Opinion: Healthcare plan needed for end of life
Online tool shows how healthcare law impacts IL
Metro MN counties staff up to deal with healthcare law
Big employers await healthcare clarity
Will healthcare law beget entrepreneurs?
May 10, 2013
Surgeon-Driven Quality Effort Slashes Complications, Costs
Whistleblower Fines Against Tuomey, Adventist Health
Obama administration moves to get more enrolled in health insurance
Republicans refuse to name members to healthcare panel
Largest US hospice company sued for Medicare fraud
CA weighs expanded role for nurse practitioners
KY Medicaid eligibility to be expanded
Opinion: American healthcare as a source of humor
Execs' cushy healthcare could trigger fines
May 9, 2013
CMS Releases Hospital Pricing Data
Leapfrog Hospital Safety Scores 'Depressing'
An end to medical-billing secrecy?
One hospital charges $8,000 — another, $38,000
VIDEO: Very different hospital bills for the very same treatment
MD prompts federal action on pharmacy oversight after meningitis outbreak
Medicaid expansion top of mind for Cleveland Clinic
Info packets don't help people take ER meds
Allscripts plans 350 NC jobs
May 8, 2013
Hospital billing varies wildly, government data shows
Telemedicine is Retail Health Clinics' Newest Tool
Hospital EDs Seeing Sicker Medicare Patients
Lawmakers Mull SGR Options
Cuts to Medicare trim costs to insurers
Harkin lifts hold on top healthcare nominee
Opinion: More Medicaid, more health?
HIPAA rules, outdated tech cost U.S. hospitals $8.3B a year
Opinion: Healthcare exchanges will need the young invincibles
TX doctor sues US over Affordable Care Act
May 7, 2013
Healthcare cost slowdown seen saving up to $770B
AMA Raises Reimbursement Concerns Over EHR Workarounds
Feds move to cap health coverage option for uninsurable Utahns
Battle at Kaiser Permanente is sign of vibrant unions in healthcare
'Care guides' show another face of health reform
May 6, 2013
Medical School Enrollment Forecast Tempered by Residency Concerns
4 Strategies for Managing Hospitalists
Funds to help uninsured choose healthcare options could affect how many get coverage
As healthcare costs slow, IPAB's launch is delayed
Opinion: What health insurance doesn't do
FL legislature leaves 35k in 2 counties without health insurance
'Virtual healthcare' gaining ground
Left with a language barrier to healthcare
May 3, 2013
Medical Director Compensation Increasingly Tied to Value, Quality
CMS to delete data on life-threatening mistakes from website
In several states, Medicaid expansion remains in limbo as time runs short
Healthcare law opponents sue Obama officials over IRS rules
RNC launches petition drive against Obamacare
Big insurers wary of entering new Obamacare markets
NJ hospitals credit Obamacare for drop in infections
Affordable Care Act poses unintended expense to some
High healthcare costs in ME driven by lifestyle
May 2, 2013
ED Cost of Care Greatly Underreported, Researcher Says
Medicaid access increases use of care, study finds
NC hospital mergers accelerating, raising concerns
Republicans propose Medicaid caps
Fewer carriers than expected apply for IL health marketplace
May 1, 2013
Bond Ratings Pressure Smaller Hospitals as NFP Sector Falters
Slideshow: Path to Collaborative Care Paved with Risk, Revenue
Opinion: Medicare should pay for patients, not treatments
Payment to ME hospitals slowed?
Expert: Don't be too hands-off with medical apps