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June 30, 2014
Hospitals turning to data brokers for patient information
New script for healthcare: Choices expanding beyond hospitals
Study: CA Desert Healthcare District residents worse off
June 27, 2014
MA senate approves bill limiting nurse-to-patient ratio
Here's why being a doctor rocks
Healthcare system needs to prepare for global warming
June 26, 2014
Intelligence Report: Financial Health Calls for a Clinical Strategy
Shortage of saline solution has hospitals on edge
Penalizing hospitals for being unsafe: Why adverse events are a big problem
Opinion: Heart of the matter -- treating the disease instead of the person
June 25, 2014
Hospital employee alleges ongoing cover-up at Phoenix VA hospital
MI lobbyists, hospitals oppose efforts to pass infection reporting laws
15 medical professionals indicted in $25M scheme
At acute care hospitals, recovery is rare, but comfort is not
June 24, 2014
MA nurses union airs ad that attacks hospital chief executives
June 23, 2014
IL hospitals facing Medicare penalties over infection rates
Should Metro Detroit hospitals be required to report HAIs?
June 20, 2014
TJC Advises on Infections Linked to Misuse of Vials
GenHealth Joint Venture Banks on Well-Being
Senators offer bill to ease readmission penalties on some hospitals
Johns Hopkins wages compare poorly to other top US hospitals, union says
Analytics help patients follow doctors' orders
Opinion: How to deal with doctors who get drunk and high on the job
June 19, 2014
Heart Treatment Centers Form Afib Alliance
5 states announce prescription-data collaboration
How your state rates in terms of long-term care
June 18, 2014
Hospital salary initiative falls short in CA
NJ hospital to offer veterans priority
Engaging the Patient's Experience
June 17, 2014
US healthcare ranks last among 11 developed nations
LICH saga almost over, without a hospital
Hospital uses executive bonus money to give its workers a raise
June 16, 2014
CA hospital leaders to explore a stand-alone emergency room
June 13, 2014
Some costly hospital complications not tracked by Medicare, analysis finds
Medicare wades through backlog of disputed claims
Outside the VA, waits for doctors can vary widely
When a stressful hospital stay makes patients sick
Slideshow: The Clinical Strategy for Financial Health—Care Redesign and Standardization
June 12, 2014
Arresting Sepsis Early Saves Money, Lives
Medicare patients must beware 'observation' status in hospitals
June 11, 2014
With more veterans needing healthcare, what will the cost be?
CLABSI Prevention Spotlighted at APIC Conference
June 10, 2014
Healthcare, Embedded and Connected
VA audit finds 100,000 veterans facing long wait for healthcare
More patients flocking to ERs under Obamacare
In Oregon, end of life orders help people avoid the ICU
Suit says Pacific Health Corp. hospital conspired to fill beds
Revolving doors at hospitals
Killing a patient to save his life
June 9, 2014
Duke LifePoint Seals Regional Health System Deal
Healthcare Competition Policy Needs a Makeover, Says Policy Analyst
The healthcare industry is pushing patients to help themselves
Hospitals put pharmacists in the ER to cut medication errors
Healthcare interpreters becoming vital part of medical team
The worst available care
Opinion: More healthcare is better healthcare—Medical myth or reality?
June 6, 2014
How Hospitals Are Reinventing Themselves
Doctor Uses Jazz to Tune up Physician Communication
Worker fatigue cause of healthcare mistakes, study finds
June 5, 2014
Cancer Hospitals Study Yields 'Confusing' Findings
Survey: MA hospital nurses overburdened
Single dose of antibiotic found effective in quelling MRSA
Doctors hesitate to ask heart patients about end-of-life plans
June 4, 2014
Strategies for ED Psych Patients
Drug diversion in hospitals exposes patients to infection
Fewer infections overall at MA hospitals but problems remain
June 3, 2014
Datapalooza: CMS Unveils More Hospital Pay Data
Doctors may get paid for end-of-life planning
Integration engines tackle healthcare's lack of standards
When doctors need advice, it might not come from a fellow human
June 2, 2014
Partnering for Better Population Health Management
In rural ME, dearth of doctors is a growing crisis
PA man accused in theft of human skin from hospital