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July 31, 2013
Orszag: Critics wrong about Medicare payment board
Delay of employer mandate will cost $12B
A government shutdown won't stop Obamacare
Wrinkle in health law vexes lawmakers' aides
For-profit ERs next to Starbucks stir controversy
July 30, 2013
Citing 'System Failure,' AHA Urges Delay of MU Stage 2
Useless Care for Back Pain on the Rise
White House touts slow increase in healthcare costs
Beth Israel to pay $5.3M settlement to resolve Medicare fraud allegations
HHS Inspector General scrutinizes Medicare rule for observation care
Opinion: Don't give up on healthcare cost control
Canvassers for health coverage find few takers in Boca Raton
AMA: Medicare gains from physicians' advice
July 29, 2013
Medicare, Medicaid crackdown limits healthcare providers
State health exchange rates vary, but lower than expected
Enrolling healthy, young adults crucial to success of new healthcare law
High-deductible health plans, gamble for some, on the rise
CA hospitals file ballot initiative to protect Medi-Cal pay
Healthcare battle fraught with partisan numbers
Verdict: Walgreens must pay woman $1.44M over HIPAA violation
July 26, 2013
IOM Rejects Geography-Based Value Index for Medicare
Movement to defund ObamaCare grows
Kaiser's rising premiums spark employer backlash
Who loses out under Obamacare
Sebelius recruits women to blog about health law
Ad blitz for Obama's health care law will cost at least $684 million
ME health systems report positive early results under Obamacare experiment
WellPoint sees small employers dropping health coverage
Telemedicine may help cure KY's overburdened healthcare system
July 25, 2013
MU Stage 2 Requirements 'Overly Burdensome,' Say AHA, AMA
Most Physicians Blame Others for Rising Healthcare Costs
Don't shift payments by Medicare, panel says
Research hospitals excluded from insurance plans
Meet the CEO with most at stake in health law
Parkland Memorial Hospital saw $5.3 million net loss last month
Healthcare reform spurs health IT mergers
Opinion: 'Best' healthcare in the world? You judge
WI bills would mandate heart disease screening on newborns
July 24, 2013
Stratus Healthcare Alliance Strategy Detailed
SGR Repeal Bill Advances to Full House Committee
As clock ticks, fierce turnout effort for health law
Better healthcare for less money, if you can find it
Media blitz coming for online health exchange
HMA's board sued over proxy fight
Time to get out of the high-risk health insurance pool?
CA, other states prepare to promote health insurance
When doctors tell patients what they don't want to hear
At too many hospitals, a revolving door
July 23, 2013
Healthways Inks Deal with Ornish
'Redistricting' Considered for Liver Donor Maps
Medicare plans to accelerate linking doctor pay to quality
Hospitals quitting a key Obamacare cost-control program
Medical groups resist possible standards loosening
Doctors skeptical, confused about Obamacare
How Obamacare's 'privacy nightmare' database really works
White House finds the funny in 'Obamacare' pitch to youth
July 22, 2013
SEC Poised to Modify 'No Admit, No Deny' Policy in Settlements
How a secretive panel uses data that distorts doctors' pay
VIDEO: Who decides what a doctor is worth?
Healthcare exchanges threatened by delay
Healthcare overhaul leads hospitals to focus on patient satisfaction
OR medical community gears up for expansion
July 19, 2013
Health Exchange Rates Surprisingly Low
Highmark Announces Accountable Care Alliance
Obama steps in to push health plan as critical date draws near
The Obamacare provision that terrifies insurers
Hospitals face a self-inflicted wound
Survey: Latino groups worry about money for ACA enrollment
Insurance premiums seen lower than forecast on health law
Promoting health insurance exchange, with no help from state
Why EHRs don't lower total healthcare costs
July 18, 2013
Healthcare CFOs Sing Reform Blues
ACC Registry Readmission Rates Now Public
House votes to delay parts of healthcare law
Obama's last campaign: Inside the White House plan to sell Obamacare
Health plan cost for New Yorkers set to fall 50%
Here's why NY health insurance premiums are tumbling
NY state approves health exchange insurance rates
July 17, 2013
Plus ACO Could Remain a Pioneer ACO
U.S. News & World Report Names Top Hospitals
Sebelius offers Obamacare updates on her way to NAACP convention
VT rebuts US House panel on health exchange
Health law fosters a new kind of business partnership in GA
MN health plans pile up big reserves
MI insurer could cut ties to 2 hospital systems
July 16, 2013
SGR Repeal Effort to Resume in House
How Safety-Net Hospitals Are Improving the Patient Experience
Mixed results from Pioneer ACOs
Few Medicaid docs have seen 2013 pay raise
US community health centers eye Obamacare's newly insured
Obama's employer healthcare delay may goose exchange enrollment
Growth of freestanding EDs raises concerns about cost
Opinion: To implement Obamacare, look to Bush's Medicare reform
KY's rush Into Medicaid managed care: A cautionary tale
July 15, 2013
Business Roundup: Tenet's Vanguard Buyout Raises Bar for Independent Hospitals
Winners and Losers in Proposed Medicare Doc Pay
Tavenner: Things are on track in carrying out the healthcare law
States' refusal to expand Medicaid complicates healthcare for many uninsured
Opinion: Keeping healthcare on track
Regulators' crackdown on doctor's hospitals took years
BadgerCare recipients brace for health insurance exchanges
Opinion: MA healthcare cost containment only goes so far
Little understanding of healthcare law opens door for scams, government says
July 12, 2013
WellPoint fined $1.7M for exposing health data on Internet
Messy rollout of health law echoes Medicare drug expansion
Persuading young adults to buy into healthcare takes new tack
BlueCross of TN CEO warns of healthcare cost 'explosion'
Educating FL about healthcare reform starts with conversation
Battle of the mandates: Healthcare law's coverage requirements
July 11, 2013
State of U.S. health 'mediocre'
Access, insurance cited as top healthcare issues
Healthcare law opponents dominate advertising wars
Health centers getting $150M to sign up uninsured
House Committee Spars Over Employer Mandate
60% of Docs Wouldn't Recommend Their Profession as a Career
July 10, 2013
OPPS Proposed Rule Significantly Affects Coding
GOP wants delay in health law’s individual mandate
Sebelius defends law and zeal in push to insure millions
July 9, 2013
10-Point ONC Safety Plan Seeks to Improve EHR Use
Health Plans Receptive, But Not Ready for Change
National health plans may be unavailable in some states next year
CMS Releases Proposed OPPS, Physician Fee Rules
July 8, 2013
Pioneer ACOs Seen Defecting to MSSP Program
U.S. relaxes health law income, insurance status rule for exchanges
Insurers fear young people will opt out
Appeals court rules CA healthcare limits invalid
Tenet sees promise for healthcare overhaul in TX
Prison healthcare always a pricey challenge
Businesses at mercy of states, not Obama, in healthcare
Opinion: A hidden consensus on healthcare
July 3, 2013
55 Hospitals to Settle False Medicare Claim Charges for $34M
White House Extends Employer Mandate Deadline
9 Pioneer ACOs expected to leave Medicare program
Massive Medicaid gap could gut healthcare law
Opinion: Obamacare's employer mandate should be repealed
Community clinics reinvent healthcare in New Orleans
A truly astonishing graph of the growth of healthcare jobs in America
NFL says no to promoting Obamacare
July 2, 2013
Healthcare Quality Metrics 'Abysmal,' Senate Panel Hears
CMS Inspection of Parkland 'Ongoing'; Civil Suit Pending
US hospital industry prepares for upheaval
States brace for Web barrage when reform goes live
Why our healthcare lets prices run wild
Hospitals spend big on lobbying in Annapolis
IBM pitches Watson to assist UR healthcare
July 1, 2013
Health insurance exchange deadlines challenging for states, IT firms
Thousands in MS may not be offered insurance subsidies
Healthcare battle heats up again
Local officials asked to help on health law
Healthcare law aims to reduce need to rehospitalize Medicare patients
GE looking to sell healthcare financing unit Code developed by the people, for the people, released back to the people