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September 30, 2013
Can Hospitals Pay Patients' Health Insurance Premiums?
Insurance exchanges will open to scrutiny, curiosity, confusion
Opinion: Dawn of a revolution in healthcare
Shutdown nearing, GOP seeks healthcare delay
Amid healthcare reform, free clinics see no end to need
Medicaid 'doughnut hole' leaves many working poor without healthcare subsidies
September 27, 2013
US Health Coverage Rebounds—For Now
Obama denounces 'irresponsible' healthcare critics
Community Health Systems' $3.9B deal being reviewed by HMA board
Lessons from the Obamacare data dump
Medical supply chain company Premier rises in market debut
CA becomes laboratory for Affordable Care Act
State insurance exchanges: Hospital IT's next challenge
September 26, 2013
Win-Win Payments for Providers and Payers
Obamacare's average monthly cost across US: $328
Republican leaders considering plan B to stop healthcare law
D.C. delays key pieces of Obamacare exchange
Lowering healthcare costs is hard because every patient is unique
Online resource available for cancer patients choosing new health insurance
September 25, 2013
Insurers Enter HIXs Despite Gaping Uncertainty
Average Obamacare premiums will be lower than projected
Healthcare push brings Bill Clinton, Obama together, with political benefits for both
3 states, 3 different Obamacare outreach plans
Tampa General announces new partnership with Florida Hospital; extends agreement with USF Health
Insurance type tied to dying dementia patients' care
September 24, 2013
Heart Attack Patient Costs Skyrocket Beyond 30 Days
Device prices plunge as hospitals pay less to fix hearts
Fight over Obamacare is anything but over in FL
Swapping COBRA for Obamacare likely to be windfall for big business
Is this a hospital or a hotel?
September 23, 2013
Ambulatory Revenues Grow as Inpatient Volumes Shrink
First glimpses of a new healthcare world
In about 10 days, the face of healthcare in America will change
Lower health insurance premiums to come at cost of fewer choices
Benefit firms create tremors for insurers in US healthcare shakeup
Opinion: Healthcare costs are driven by technology, not presidents
Healthcare reform could launch despite a federal shutdown
Sebelius asks mayors, healthcare providers to help with Obamacare education
Natchez hospital launches sale process
September 20, 2013
House Subcommittee Considers Obamacare's Impact on Competition
Obamacare 'navigators' run into GOP opposition
Expect snags as ACA rolls out
Hospitals brace as Republicans fight over Medicaid
Healthcare costs projected to outpace economic growth
Group plans to form largest US hospital alliance
Opinion: Taming the healthcare monster
MD hospitals post 71% profit decline, operating at record low margins
September 19, 2013
Philanthropy Yields $9B for NFP Hospitals in 2012
Healthcare Reform Puts Pressure on HR Execs
House bill cuts health funds, raising odds of US shutdown
Cleveland Clinic announces job cuts to prepare for Obamacare
Private health insurance exchanges growing fast
MN's young 'invincibles' are key to health insurance overhaul
Dallas County plans to sell $42 million in government bonds to help pay for new hospital
A dozen hospitals are laying off staff and blaming Obamacare. Don't believe them.
'People's hearing' puts healthcare execs in the hot seat over costs
Opinion: Medicine's search for meaning
September 18, 2013
Senate, House ensnared in healthcare controversy
FL among states undercutting healthcare enrollment
Concern grows over cost of drugs under new healthcare law
KS hospital settles allegations of false claims
Another round of Vanderbilt job cuts under way
Doc financial interest may influence MRI referrals
OT, minimum wage extended to healthcare workers
September 17, 2013
Hospital Pay to Reflect Care Efficiency Soon
NH Medicaid clients getting managed care notices
States balk at terminating Medicaid contracts even when there's fraud or poor patient care
Survey: Investors see four million signing up for Obamacare in 2014
PA governor to propose big Medicaid changes
Two local hospitals battle over operating room upgrade
September 16, 2013
Wellness Culture Linked to Stock Value
A Fresh Look at End-of-Life Care
Cigna Acquisition Highlights Role of Chronic Care Management
CA insurers limiting doctors, hospitals in health insurance market
Haves and have-nots as healthcare markets open
OH law prompts hospital to rescind health grant
Opinion: Waste vs. value in American healthcare
Columbus (GA) Regional changing its 'identity' amid new philosophy
Hilton Head (SC) Hospital implicated in alleged Medicaid kickback scheme
Healthcare law imperils some local medical programs for poor
September 13, 2013
How the Dynamics of Physician Alignment Are Changing
House passes bill to delay healthcare subsidies
Sebelius bargains with governors to shore up health law
Obamacare insurance co-ops at the starting gate
Health insurance sales hit the mall -- and Web
Health overhaul confuses Medicare beneficiaries
Vanderbilt Medical Center hit with Medicare fraud suit
Supervisors fire CEO of Kern Medical Center
September 12, 2013
Racial Disparity Seen in Trauma Center Mortality Rates
Call to change Obama's health law opens rift with labor
FL tells 'navigators' to stay away from county health departments
Employers consider cutbacks or higher fees for health insurance that extends to worker spouses
LSU hospital privatization deals short $39M, state fiscal analysts say
September 11, 2013
Paying doctors for better care improves quality
In new health law, a bridge to Medicare
Opinion: How mature is your hospital business intelligence system?
$1 million mistake: Becoming a doctor
Rural hospitals wary of proposed Medicare cuts
September 10, 2013
How Value Gives Healthcare Providers an Edge
1 in 5 ICU Patients Get 'Futile' Care
Hospital investors wary of slow rampup for Obamacare
Community Health Systems struggles to grow amid drop in patients
Patient's bill soars as health law program falters
United Healthcare introduces online bill payments
September 9, 2013
Acing Acute Care for Elders
Funding Cuts Spur Healthcare Job Shifts
Health insurance tax faces challenge
IBM to move retirees off health plan
Time Warner joins IBM in health shift for retirees
Opinion: Selling healthcare reform
PA Hospital continues to operate in black after big losses
Opinion: Healthcare marketplace will be here before long
This doctor will save you money
Opinion: The costly paradox of healthcare technology
September 6, 2013
Why Payers Like Defined Contribution Programs
Few Options for Working Poor in States that Block Medicaid Expansion
Technical snafus confuse charges for Obamacare plans
Navigators say GOP lawmakers' information requests are 'shocking'
Court: Malpractice law covers doctors' businesses
A fast way to cut healthcare costs
Insurers pay hospitals twice rate of rivals in some areas
3 ways to foster healthcare innovation
September 5, 2013
RAC Oversight Lacking, OIG Charges
Cancer Care for Dying Patients On The Rise
Clinton urges Americans to sign up for healthcare exchanges
Studies show healthcare law will offer low-cost options
LSU hospital privatization OK'd by civil service panel
Catholic Health Partners venture aims to cut health costs in OH
Can Cleveland Clinic save its hometown?
Why hospitals still build their own health IT
Opinion: How to break healthcare's stranglehold on workers
September 4, 2013
Injuries Linked to Da Vinci Surgeries Underreported, Researchers Say
SSM Health Care OKs Dean Health Systems purchase
ME sells bonds to pay off $183M in hospital debt
For hospital patients, observation status can prove costly
SC hospitals gobble up doctor practices
September 3, 2013
Using Data Analytics for Better Financial Outcomes
Medicare Reform Strategy Floated by House Committees
Employers weigh healthcare costs, penalties
WA ranks 2nd in nation in uninsured growth
Labor union frustration boils over with president on Obamacare
IRS ruling on same-sex couples has implications for health law