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Managed Dental Care, January 2008


Moving to the 'show me' state

Kid's play?

ADA affiliate probes irregularities in licensing exam

Aetna, Colgate-Palmolive team up on oral health initiative

Moving to the 'show me' state

Once the domain of medical care, evidence-based practices are migrating into dentistry

They're back. The lollipop in the dentist's office was a staple of popular culture for decades. That is, until the gripes about the damage being inflicted on millions of children's mouths by their would-be protectors became loud enough to no longer ignore. Yet thousands of lollipops are now being sold to dentists every month by C3 Jian, a California biotech startup. Their relatively hefty price-$100 for a 5-lb box-hasn't been a deterrent to moving the citrus-flavored pops via C3 Jian's Web site.