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Organize board communications with a collaborative extranet

Many hospital board members are burdened by floods of messages, documents, minutes, and collaborative projects. Here’s a strategy to help you get organized. Communication among busy hospital board members is more important than ever--and always challenging. For a board to work effectively, hospital information (e.g., news alerts, minutes, memos, policy statements, and procedure changes) must be conveyed more efficiently to board members to make collaboration on these documents easier. Organizations seeking to lighten their board members’ loads often allow them to work remotely. That means information is exchanged through mail services (e.g., the postal service, express delivery services, or e-mail). A recent Web-based seminar, or Webinar, spon- sored by Geonetric, an Internet software consultancy specializing in healthcare, suggests that there’s a third way to exchange information: through hospital collaborative board extranets.