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Healthcare blogging picture becoming clearer

Before F. Nicholas Jacobs, CEO of Windber Research Institute and Windber Medical Center in Pennsylvania, started blogging, he was just another hospital CEO. But after writing his own blog, Windberblog, for two years and becoming a regular contributor to Hospital Impact-a blog that sees 200,000-300,000 visits per year-Jacobs was able to deepen his hospital's relationship with the community and improve his relations with hospital staff. Jacobs is not the only one joining the healthcare blog train. He's far from it, in fact. According to the Pew Internet & American Life Project, 120,000 bloggers write about healthcare on a regular basis. Who are all of these people, you ask? Until recently, they were heard from often, but still unknown. But results of a survey conducted last year have brought to light more information about those whose keystrokes tell what's happening in healthcare.