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VI utility threatens to cut off power to St. Croix hospital

The V.I. Water and Power Authority says it will cut off power and water service to "non-critical" areas of Luis Hospital on St. Croix if the facility does not start paying down its past-due balance of more than $3.4 million. Meeting on St. Croix, WAPA board members said the targeted areas would not include the emergency room, but they could include warehouses or administrative offices. WAPA spokeswoman Cassandra Dunn said she knows of no law or contractual obligation that would prevent WAPA from disconnecting the hospital's power. "If you don't pay, you're disconnected," she said. "There's no exemption if you're a hospital or you're the Department of Ed." V.I. Senate President Ronald Russell said he did not know if there was a provision in the V.I. Code that prevents WAPA from disconnecting power to a hospital, but he said that if there is not he will push for one to be passed. "It's unconscionable," Russell said.
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