Hartford Courant, August 4, 2011

A Superior Court judge took the unusual step of penalizing, or sanctioning, St. Francis Hospital for concealing records that could strengthen the cases of about 90 victims suing for their abuse as children by George Reardon, MD. Superior Court Judge Dan Shaban's ruling imposed what amounts to a small fine on the hospital by ordering it to reimburse the victim who sought the sanctions for costs associated with pursuing the motion in court. Perhaps more significantly, the ruling gives the victims new opportunities to press for more material supporting their negligence cases against St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center. Shaban said he will permit the victims to argue for opportunities to take what could be dozens more depositions from hospital employees in connection with the 30 years of disputed records. In addition, Shaban ordered the hospital to review scores of other record requests already made by victims to make sure there is nothing else that may have been improperly withheld.
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