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Slideshow: How to Open an Urgent Care Center

The book The Healthcare Executive's Guide to Urgent Care Centers and Freestanding EDs, by Michael F. Boyle, MD, FACEP and Daniel G. Kirkpatrick, MHA, FACHE, is a step-by-step executive-level guide to planning, building, staffing, marketing, and managing profitable urgent care centers and freestanding EDs.

urgent care center



Market competition plays a role in the development and expansion of both urgent care centers and freestanding EDs. Entrepreneur physicians and investors target markets capturing the insured population, similar to the boutique hospital competition for orthopedic, cardiovascular, and oncology services.

Until now there have been limited choices for patients seeking access to immediate care, so by default hospitals have been receiving the revenue from paying patients for the treatment of minor ailments. Now, competition from urgent care centers can erode the patient population utilizing traditional hospitals for these services and result in financial struggles for these same hospitals.

Healthcare executives should consider what the needs will be for the influx of newly insured Americans as a result of PPACA. Urgent care delivery models are one solution to providing cost-efficient medical care for those that are insured, on Medicaid, Medicare, or self-pay.


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2 comments on "Slideshow: How to Open an Urgent Care Center"

Christopher Majdi (8/18/2014 at 3:42 PM)
Managing patient volume is a difficult task in an urgent care, but it's critical for the success of the clinic. A good urgent care will be able to manage the higher volume without compromising quality. I believe a lot of this comes down to the MD provider's skill and their ability to leverage mid-level providers effectively. – Christopher Majdi

Shirley White (3/1/2014 at 10:35 AM)
I am a practice management consultant looking to purchase this "how to" book. I have searched the database at my local libraries and bookstores. How can you help? Thank you.