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Color-coded nursing uniforms improve patient satisfaction

The Cleveland Clinic has issued color-coded uniforms to more than 2,600 of its patient care providers-and reaped the benefit in improved patient satisfaction scores.

The hospital found patients did not know the status of staff members who took care of them, for example, often complaining that the 'nurse' who delivered their food did not want to help them. The hospital realized patients were unsure how to differentiate between RNs, food service providers, and other care givers.

The new uniforms provide easy distinction: RNs and LPNs in white, patient care assistants in hunter green, and transporters in purple. Nurses are able to choose between six uniform options, ranging from scrub pants and tops to button-up polo shirts. All uniforms were paid for by the hospital, which has committed to providing more uniform choices at the beginning of next year.