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Letters to the Editor

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Title Clarification

I read your article "A New Role for APNs?" with great interest (October 2006). As an R.N., I appreciate the attention to the advanced practice roles that nurses are now performing within healthcare.However, I am concerned that you have inadvertently shortened the title of "certified registered nurse anesthetist" in the article to "certified nurse anesthetist." CNA in all states is a certified nursing assistant under Medicare Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act laws and is a paraprofessional who performs hands-on patient care, not administration of anesthesia. They complete less that 90 hours of training and do not prescribe medications.CRNA is the legal acronym for certified registered nurse anesthetist, an advanced practice registered nurse who has undergone a 24- to 33-month education program to prescribe and administer anesthesia and narcotic pain medications.
-Karen O'Hara, R.N., B.S.N.
Wallingford, Pa.