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Pennsylvania getting up to speed on assisted living care

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, July 25, 2010

Timothy W. Coughlin is amused that Pennsylvania is recognizing "assisted living" as a new category of long-term care, considering his company and others believe they've been offering it since late last century. On the other hand, he welcomes new state regulations and a plan for government funding that officially place assisted living as a new category between the long-established personal care home and nursing home industries, starting in 2011. "In my personal opinion, assisted living in Pennsylvania is only new to Pennsylvania government," said Mr. Coughlin, president of Erie-based LifeServices Assisted Living, which operates in that city plus Titusville, Altoona, Johnstown, Washington, Pa., and the Cleveland area. "Quite frankly," he added, "Ohio is 20 years ahead of Pennsylvania in understanding assisted living."