HealthLeaders Media IT - October 14, 2008 | Everything You Need to Know About E-Prescribing
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Everything You Need to
Know About E-Prescribing

Kathryn Mackenzie, Technology Editor

The practice of prescribing medications electronically has been getting a good amount of attention recently. For those providers who either remain baffled by how e-prescribing works or aren't convinced the switch is worth the trouble, the eHealth Initiative last week announced the publication of a "how-to" guide for clinicians looking to make the switch. [Read More]
October 14, 2008  
Editor's Picks
Misys, Allscripts merge, lay off 44
Misys Healthcare and Allscripts have merged to become one of the country's largest suppliers of software to the healthcare industry. Misys paid $330 million to buy 54.5% of the common stock of Chicago-based Allscripts. The new company, Allscripts-Misys Healthcare Solutions Inc., has eliminated 44 redundant positions, according to local reports. [Read More]

Microsoft in study to determine benefits of genetic scans
Microsoft is joining forces with the healthcare industry to determine if genetic scanning could be an effective form of preventive medicine. Microsoft, along with the Scripps Translational Science Institute, Navigenics, and Affymetrix will scan up to 10,000 people and provide an analysis of their genetic risk for health conditions that could be changed by lifestyle, including diabetes, obesity, heart attack, and some forms of cancer. Scripps will track changes in the participants' behaviors over 20 years to see if people who learn they are at risk for certain diseases or conditions will actually take preventive measures to avoid them, Microsoft said. [Read More]

IT feeling effects of economy
It was bound to happen: The economy has caught up with IT. Mere weeks after one study proclaimed IT wouldn't suffer from the economic downturn, a new report is published that says despite earlier plans to up budgets in 2009, the recent economic crisis has many IT leaders "tightening their belts and preparing for sparse spending in the coming months." [Read More]

Breast MRI up more than 20% in the first half of '08
Breast MRI is showing double-digit growth in 2008 and is one of the fastest-growing procedures in MR departments, according to Arlington Medical Resources. Also, about 90% of patients undergoing an MRI of the breast received a contrast agent during the study to improve the delineation between normal and abnormal tissues. I found this particularly interesting because I just read about a new imaging system now in clinical trials called fluorescence-assisted resection and exploration which highlights cancerous tissue with special dyes that "glow" under near-infrared light. "Glowing" cancer cells: the wave of the future? [Read More]
Tech Headlines
Illinois Medicaid program to cover genetic test for breast cancer
Chicago Tribune - October 14, 2008

Hospitals jump on the biometrics bandwagon with patient hand scans
St. Petersburg Times - October 13, 2008

Sutter hospital to install solar energy system
Sacramento Bee - October 8, 2008

Radio-frequency tags cut specimen bottle errors
HealthDay/Washington Post - October 8, 2008
Events & Product News
GE Healthcare launches discovery PET/CT 600

World Health Care Congress
October 21, 2008: Move Now or Suffer Later: Lessons on Giving Patients Price and Quality Data
On Demand: Service Line Strategies Workshop 2008: Cardiovascular
On Demand: OR Overhaul: 5 Surgical Site Improvements Every Leader Should Make Today
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Rural Wisconsin Hospitals Provide Lesson in Innovation: A small group of hospitals in western Wisconsin is providing a lesson in innovation for rural hospitals everywhere. The Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative Information Technology Network will get $1.6 million over the next three years as its share of the FCC's $400 million Rural Healthcare Pilot Program. The first-of-its-kind grant will be used to offset the cost of building a collaborative information system and electronic medical records initiative. [Read More]
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Deep Impact: Scott Clay, a senior principal with the Noblis Center for Health Innovation, talks about the effect of the deepening financial crisis on healthcare organizations. [Listen Now]
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