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Lemonade, Anyone? The Upside of Marketing Healthcare in a Recession
Gienna Shaw, for HealthLeaders News

Is it possible that there are some positives when it comes to marketing in a recession? That there is a silver lining to the mess we’re in now? From a surge in creativity to an opportunity to make some beneficial business deals to a chance to do the right thing, there is an upside to marketing in a recession. [Read More]
  August 26, 2009

Editor's Picks
Marketing and IT: Better together
It might be argued that marketing has to bridge the gap between it and several other departments, but this Forbes article focuses on the great divide between marketing and IT. "Previously, marketing and IT departments worked independently of one another. However, the digital revolution has forced these departments to become so interdependent that CMOs and CTOs are practically in the same line of work," writes John Mayo-Smith. "From retail to Web to mobile, marketing is responsible for how brand strategy affects technical infrastructure, and IT is on the hook for how technology decisions alter brand experience." [Read More]
Viral tactics that can come back to bite you
When it comes to obvious headlines, this one from should win a prize: "Shady PR Can Hurt Your Marketing." But read past the headline to find some practical advice about the pitfalls of social media and viral marketing and why you should not engage in tactics that might sound like a good idea at first—such as soliciting positive online reviews—but can really harm your reputation. The bottom line: It's all about transparency. [Read More]
Sustainable experiences
Large experiential marketing events can leave a big environmental footprint. Now one agency has developed sustainability guidelines for its clients' campaigns and events. The guidelines will measure a campaign's performance in environmental, human, and capital sustainability. To ensure human sustainability, for example, organizations should engage full-time employees and part-time event staff in continuous training and education about sustainable practices in experiential marketing. [Read More]
Campaign Spotlight
"Hope. Care. Cure." Success
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The smirking, ruddy-faced boy featured in one of Seattle Children's Hospitals "Hope. Care. Cure." campaign's print ads doesn't look like he suffers from mitochondrial disease—and that's the point. The hospital's rebranding campaign used patients, families, physicians, nurses, staff, and volunteers to spread the word about its quality of care, foundation, and research. [Read More]
Calendar of Events

On Demand: Advanced Service Line Marketing: New Orthopedics Growth Strategies

On Demand: HIPAA Changes: New Compliance Strategies for New Marketing Models

On Demand: Marketing Neurosciences: Service Line Strategies for Marketers

On Demand: 5 Ways to Improve the Patient Experience at Your Hospital

On Demand: Form 990H: Act Now to Protect Your Reputation

9/30/09: SHSMD annual conference, Orlando

10/4/09: The Health Care Public Relations, Marketing & Internal Communications: A Social Media Summit, Scottsdale, AZ

10/14/09: HealthLeaders Media Marketing Experience 09, Chicago

10/15/09: HealthLeaders Media '09: The Hospital of the Future Now, Chicago

10/18/09: Hospital and Physician Relations, An Executive Summit, Chicago, Chicago

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From HealthLeaders Magazine
Hang On

Get ready for the failure of the HIT stimulus dream, episode of care contracting, the end of easy credit, and a public plan. [Read More]
Service Line Management
Making Wellness Work

Wellness and weight loss programs aren't major revenue generators, but healthcare reformers know they cannot effectively control costs without focusing more on prevention. [Read More]
Marketing Forum

Six Physician Groups Launch Viral Campaign for Universal Coverage: Setting itself apart from the American Medical Association, a coalition of 450,000 doctors in six physician groups is touting its new campaign, "Heal Health Care Now," to strongly back health reform and to urge their patients to do likewise. [Read More]
Audio Feature

It can be difficult—to say the least—to get physicians on board with the patient experience movement. Thomas Wright, president and CEO of Delnor Hospital, who will participate in the patient experience panel at the 2009 HealthLeaders Media Hospital of the Future Now event, talks about some of the tactics his organization uses to help physicians understand and deliver excellent patient experiences. He also discusses the organization's "patient partnership council," which has had a "tremendous impact" on the organization's ability to look at and improve the organization from the patient's point of view. [Listen Now]
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