HealthLeaders Media IT - February 1, 2011 | Technology a Key Driver to ACO Adoption
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Technology a Key Driver to ACO Adoption
Gienna Shaw, Senior Editor

In a roundtable event, healthcare leaders discuss electronic medical records and health information exchanges?the foundation for identifying gaps in care and for housing data that will be used to guide physicianstoward the accountable care organization model. [Read More]
February 1, 2011
Editor's Picks
Telerehab Matches Traditional Rehab for Patient Outcomes
Knee-replacement patients who undergo telerehabilitation—an Internet-based postoperative rehabilitation program that can be conducted from home—experience the same or better results as those who undergo traditional rehabilitation, according to a new study. The randomized controlled trial found that the outcomes achieved via telerehabilitation at six weeks following total knee arthroplasty were comparable with those after conventional rehabilitation. [Read More]

CT Scans for Abdominal Pain May Reduce Hospitalizations
Despite concerns about exposing patients to excessive amounts of radiation from CT scans, a Massachusetts General Hospital study shows that such tests avoided hospitalization in nearly one in four patients who came to the ED complaining of abdominal pain. The research focused on non-traumatic abdominal complaints because they are a common reason patients seek emergency department care, and they are often difficult for a clinician to diagnose. [Read More]

Meaningful use rules exempt doctors, not EMR systems
Physicians who want to qualify for stage one meaningful use incentives must have electronic medical record systems that can accomplish all the tasks mentioned under the stage one rules—even if doctors don't plan to use them. Under the final rules, physicians were given the flexibility to defer up to five of the 10 objectives on a menu set. But even if physicians have no plans to use certain functions of the EMR system, they must have a system that is certified to do them all. One expert notes that when the more flexible final rules came out, many physicians turned their focus to the meaningful use objectives and didn't carefully read the certification portion of the rules, which did not change. [Read More]

Health systems underestimate EMR costs
Most healthcare organizations underestimate the time and costs associated with implementing advanced electronic medical record functions, including clinical order entry, nursing and physician documentation, clinical decision support, and bar-coding medications, according to study by Accenture. The report also found that hospitals will experience significant spikes in operating costs during the period of time that they install EMR systems. [Read More]

Audio conference: Ensuring IRS-Compliant Physician Compensation Plans
As hospitals and physician practices continue merging for survival, hospital-physician integration is of growing interest to the IRS and is increasingly subject to scrutiny from regulators. Additionally, the new Form 990 disclosure requirements related to highly paid officers or employees have created an easily accessible public format for viewing executive compensation. Join HealthLeaders Media on February 16, 1 p.m. (EST), for this 60-minute audio conference, including Q&A, to get the analysis and strategies you need for current tax law requirements. [Read More]

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Tech Headlines
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InformationWeek, January 31, 2011

GOP bill puts meaningful use, HITECH Act in peril
Health Data Management, January 28, 2011

Health info remains popular use for Internet
The Washington Post, February 1, 2011

Feb. 15: Cardiac Care Leadership for Improved Alignment and Outcomes
Jan. 25: The Power of Primary Care in an Era of Change

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Building Blocks of the Patient Experience
The healthcare system is on the cusp of accepting the positive influence of patient experience on quality, says Steve Ronstrom, president and CEO of Hospital Sisters Health System Division and CEO of Sacred Heart Hospital in Eau Claire, WI. In a recent interview, the lead advisor for the HealthLeaders Media Intelligence Report, Patient Experience: Help Wanted, explains how basics such as infrastructure and technology combined with the people skills of empathy and caring can improve outcomes.
[Listen Now][Sponsored by Medseek]
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