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HealthLeaders Revenue Cycle Editor Alexandra Pecci speaks with Jason Greenberg, MD, CEO of Northern California Anesthesia Consultants, about how practices can avoid revenue leakage.
Attaining the rank of captain in the U.S. Army Nurse Corps and being a veteran of Operation Desert Storm, Clements is no stranger to war. With more than 20 years of experience in providing emergency care, strategic planning, and new program development in both tertiary and small specialty hospitals, she has the background to lead her team in the battle against COVID-19. Join us as she discusses how her life experience has helped her adapt and guide her team on the front lines.
Before joining academia, Berrett spent two decades as a hospital CEO for some of the top healthcare systems in the country, including Sharp, Texas Health Resources and HCA. In today's uncertain times, many healthcare organizations need leaders to make definitive choices. Britt continues to urge healthcare leaders to work towards a mindset of collaboration and innovation. While it may not be easy, it is with trust and transparency that will put them on the path to success. Join us, as he explains how he empowers healthcare leaders to build their teams and build for the future.
Fostering the next generation of healthcare professionals is not an easy task, nor one that comes with detailed instructions. However, Nat'e's desire and passion to influence others—her team, and...
COVID has been front and center for the majority of hospitals, underscoring the critical need for healthy communities. Ruth and her team have been working tirelessly to ensure care for vulnerable populations through streamlined access. Join us as Ruth explains how they look for COVID hotspots and partner with community organizations to reach at-risk groups for the pandemic.
HealthLeaders Finance Editor Jack O'Brien speaks with Bradley Haws, MBA , CFO of UI Health Care in Iowa City, Iowa, about the importance of cost containment during the coronavirus pandemic and preserving capital in anticipation of a potential second wave.
HealthLeaders Revenue Cycle Editor Alexandra Pecci speaks with Chris Johnson, vice president of revenue cycle management for Atrium Health about its work to improve revenue cycle communications and its importance during the COVID-19 crisis.
Dr. Scott Hayworth began his career wanting to become a doctor who would focus on patient care and safety. Today, it is this area of expertise that became a focal point of his leadership role as CEO/President of CareMount. Even as COVID-19 strains hospitals and health systems across the country, he continues to lead through this crisis by emphasizing that extra safety measures must be met to keep offices open to care for patients beyond COVID. Join us as Dr. Hayworth discusses the key aspects of working with his team to foster an environment of security for his patients and staff.
An experienced chief nursing officer, holder of a PhD and other titles, Katie has accomplished much throughout her career. However, even with all these qualifications, she has not been exempt from the experience of discrimination in her professional career. In light of the recent protests, Katie tackles the hard questions surrounding racial injustice within the healthcare industry. Join us as she speaks of change through the use of empowerment and education.
An established and esteemed nurse, Barbara is well respected for her dedication to patient focused care. With 40 years of experience, she is also no stranger to crisis situations. From potential explosive hazards to COVID-19, her commitment to her patients and her team shines through. Join us as we follow her story on how to deliver effective patient care under the worst situations.