4 Reasons to Ban Social Media in Your Hospital

Chelsea Rice, August 5, 2013

If you are in an executive position at a hospital or healthcare system, consider blocking access to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. There's no better way to let the world know that you neither trust your employees, nor promote knowledge sharing.

If there were any lingering questions about the reach of social media, they were put to rest a more than a year ago when Tweets started coming from space.

NASA's @MarsCuriosity sends daily updates on its activities and shares photos, data, and other links with its 1.3 million followers. This week Curiosity is marking its one year-anniversary on the planet. Its official Twitter stream is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in NASA, space exploration, and the hard sciences.

But NASA has a rogue 'employee,' one @SarcasticRover, who also tweets. He's a bit of a disgruntled goofball who gripes about being left on the red planet to do NASA's dirty work. Typical tweet: "A year ago I was stuck hurtling through space in a tin can alone and terrified… a time I refer to as the good old days." And this: "Great, 1 year and 100,000,000 miles and I'm still stuck in a damn crater."

You never know what @SarcasticRover might blurt out next to his 109,000 followers (some of them NASA employees). And that makes him a potential (albeit fictional) liability. Maybe NASA should have banned social media altogether.  


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