Miami Herald, April 15, 2011

Carlos Migoya's first day as Jackson Health System's incoming CEO began with a flurry of congratulations, a heap of advice and a strong sense of urgency as he confronted the huge task before him: fixing Miami-Dade County's floundering public hospital system. "In my opinion, we're already late. We should have been taking action long ago," he said, though he doesn't even have a contract yet. Migoya, 60, a veteran banker with no healthcare experience, was selected by a 9-5 vote of the Public Health Trust on Wednesday to take over from outgoing CEO Eneida Roldan on June 1. The system is expected to be dangerously low on cash by summer. "Time is extremely valuable," he said. "We can't wait." His initial plans: Hold talks with Jackson management and the Miami-Dade County Commission, search for a No. 2 administrator with deep hospital experience and fly to Tallahassee, where the Legislature is contemplating cuts that could cost Jackson perhaps $200 million next year.

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