Ocala.com, September 13, 2011

Munroe Regional Medical Center, being a public hospital, is like a home. When I read letters from taxpayers worried about taxes and being critical of Munroe's administration, these are the thoughts that come to my mind: During my 30 years as a resident of Ocala and a practicing physician, even when Munroe was financially successful, people were critical of the hospital and the administration. Certain individuals at that time wanted to sell the hospital to a private corporation and collect a commission for the sale. Today, the same mentality exists. Before anyone voices an opinion that is not constructive and helpful, think what might happen if MRMC did not exist or was owned by a private corporation. With the present situation, any patient who walks into MRMC cannot be turned away without being provided care or being referred for treatment. If he or she is uninsured or is unable to pay, MRMC is still responsible for their care. In Munroe's absence, who would deliver babies or provide children's care?

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