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Cover Story:
Cash for Computers
With an 11-figure incentive to invest in information technology and electronic medical records, healthcare executives need to determine if this offer from Uncle Sam is the kind of help that they are prepared to accept.

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Improvement on a Dime
New procedures and efficiencies can be implemented very quickly.
Free Consultants
Five Minute Consult
The Hybrid, the Stimulus & You
Physicians who have adopted hybrid EMR systems are quite enthusiastic about them, but industry observers are doubtful such systems will meet stimulus funding criteria.
Biometric Palm Reading: The Future of Patient Identification?
Future Tense
Covenant Crisis
Many hospitals are in a bad position relative to their debt covenants. Breaches could trigger potentially draconian measures by bondholders to ensure financial viability.
Stop Billing Headaches
Money Talk
Simpler Surgeries, Complex Market
Technological advances have impact beyond the OR, affecting market trends and hospital-physician alignment.

The Population Health Penalty

Here's a fact about healthcare providers that, if not quite a secret, is only discussed quietly.

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