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Cover Story:
The New ED: Keep Patients Out (but Happy)

The emergency department is being asked to pave a path that may lead out of the hospital as much as it leads patients inside. It is becoming a U-turn lane of sorts for patients who can be, more effectively and less...

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Replacing a Joint-Replacement Program

A focus on patient-centered care leads to improved financial and quality metrics.

Telling the Patient No

Through bundled payment plans, hospitals and other healthcare providers will be penalized for ordering tests, procedures, and other items that the evidence shows to be unnecessary. Physicians will have to get comfortable saying "no" to patients.

Who's Responsible for Quality?
Registration, Simplified


When check-in is hectic, revenue can get lost in the chaos.
The Trouble with Image-Sharing
Beyond Costs: The Value of Comanagement Agreements

Not all physician practices are interested in giving up their independence to join their local hospital or health system. But clinical comanagement agreements offer physicians and hospitals an opportunity to thrive, especially as accountable care organizations take seed.

Sleep Centers Awaken Profit, Competition
Money Talk

The Population Health Penalty

Here's a fact about healthcare providers that, if not quite a secret, is only discussed quietly.

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