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Cover Story:
Early Warning Signs
Faced with constantly shifting financial winds, hospital leaders don’t need vital information in a year-end report. They need it now.

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Cleaning House
Association launches industrywide effort to measure environmental standards.
Culture Construction
Sisters of Mercy Health System wades into a new culture of patient safety via well-charted waters.
5-Minute Consult
Calling for Backup
More hospitals are paying stipends for on-call coverage as the pool of willing volunteers continues to shrink.
Auxiliary Brain
A San Francisco physician loves his PDA, but handheld devices may fit better in hospitals than office settings.
An inside look at an IT contract.
Behind the Wires
Reid Coleman bridges the gap between technology and medicine at Lifespan.
Picture This
To connect its widely dispersed physicians, a radiology practice in Alaska blends multiple technologies.
Pay with Plastic
The use of medical debit cards is rising, but can they help providers get paid faster?
Temporary Workers, Permanent Problem
With millions of dollars on the line, hospitals target waste and inefficiency in contract staffing.
Who’s up and who’s down
The End of Networks?
Are they fading into obsolescence? Will you be ready?

The Population Health Penalty

Here's a fact about healthcare providers that, if not quite a secret, is only discussed quietly.

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