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Cover Story:
Shared Success
Crafting a true partnership—often with a perceived competitor—is a complex task. Here’s how some hospitals are doing it.

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Building a Bigger C-Suite
Strategy, governance, and quality positions have reached the top level of many organizations. But how many "chiefs" do you need?
The Corner Office
Five Minute Consult
Shoot and Advance
Togetherness Factor
Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems promotes a vision of shared clinical data-even with its competitors.
Reporter’s Desktop
Untangling the Mess
Are JVs Losing Some Luster?
As physicians grow more comfortable with hospital employment, demands for joint ventures may be dwindling.
Collect. . .or Else
Money Talk
Armchair Finance
Get What You Deserve

Addressing the Big Challenges

The buzz about Big Data for the healthcare industry is getting louder.

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