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Cover Story:
Nurse Education Key to Scope-of-Care Debate

The nursing profession is in an upheaval. Nurses want more opportunities to learn alongside doctors. But there is tension between nursing leadership and some physician groups over the scope of what advanced practice...

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Successful Systems of Care

There is risk, and short-term pain is likely, but long-term gains can and are being achieved under innovative models of care.  

Speeding Patient Throughput with RTLS

To improve patient flow, shorten the length of stay, cut down on the time it takes to get a patient admitted, and cut out waste, hospitals are using RFID-enabled real-time locating systems.

Selecting a Strategy to Stop HAI

A tale of three urban hospitals, each grappling with nosocomial infection prevention in different ways. It's hard to tell which works best, but all are tackling an issue that is at the center of a national debate.

Studies Differ on Universal Testing
A Healthy Respect for Physician Responsibility

Today, after losing more than 200 pounds—from 467 to 240, hitting a low of 197—the healthier Dr. Nick considers himself the poster-child for physician responsibility.

Making the Difference

The HealthLeaders 20 featured in this issue—people chosen by our editorial team for making a difference in healthcare—reflect not only the world of healthcare today but the world.

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