Small Budget Cancer-Screening Campaign Pays Off

Marianne Aiello, April 10, 2013

More than six months after the launch of a breast imaging campaign targeting hospital employees, the results are in—screenings have increased by double digits.

Back in August, I wrote about the internal mammography campaign that was just getting started at VCU Medical Center in Richmond, VA. The organization launched the effort when it discovered that only about 38% of female employees over age 40 were getting regular breast cancer screenings.

MU proposed rules

Marketers hoped that by targeting employees, they would not only improve the health of their workforce, but also create an internal sales force that would use first-hand patient experience to promote the organization's services to family and friends.

A fresh creative approach
From the start of the creative process, it was clear the campaign would be unique. "Employees are bombarded with information, so it was imperative that this campaign break through the clutter," said Cynthia Schmidt, chief of marketing for VCU.

Working with Richmond-based agency Neathawk Dubuque and Packett (ND&P), the medical center created a campaign revolving around hot pink X-ray specs.

"We wanted to do something more conceptual—not the typical pink ribbon or photo of a woman," said Chereen Baramki, senior art director for NDP. "And we wanted to have a little fun with creative. What could be more fun than X-ray glasses—in pink, of course—to represent breast imaging."

Marketers chose a play-on-words tagline, "We'll be seeing you now," and used a bold, simple, and clean design. "This approach broke through the clutter in several ways," Schmidt said. "First the creative was fun and fresh. Second, we mailed piece to their homes, which was a nice personal touch."

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