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Patient Engagement Key to EMR Success

John Commins, for HealthLeaders Media, February 24, 2011
The PwC survey of 1,000 healthcare consumers found that:
  • Half of patients said they call their physician's office or hospital for a paper record, and 11% said they don't know how to get their health record.
  •  Of those who access their medical record electronically, 34% share the information with primary care physicians and specialists.
  • While basic information about prescriptions and appointments are readily available to consumers who have electronic access to medical records, 55% can't access lab results or physician visit notes.
  • Only 13% of consumers said they'd been asked by providers what they think about EMRs, even though 56% said they'd be willing to talk about what they'd like in an EMR and how they'd like to use it.
  •  When asked how they would like EMR to be used, 66% of consumers said for physicians to follow-up on their condition, 59% said for scheduling follow-up appointments, and 53% said to learn about treatment options.
  •  35% of consumers said they would like their physician to use the information to monitor treatment compliance, and 34% said they would like their physician to monitor their health condition, such as blood pressure, remotely via a device that automatically sends information.
  • Approximately one-quarter of respondents would like to share electronic health information with family members to better understand family medical history.

Comparatively, data from the Healthleaders Media Industry Survey 2011, shows that:

  • 13% of health leaders have an interactive patient portal in place, while
  • 66% have a physician portal in place
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1 comments on "Patient Engagement Key to EMR Success"

Andrew (2/26/2011 at 7:32 PM)
Great article! It is extremely important to get patients involved. If anyone is interested, I found a great site called <a href="">InformationManagementCompare/EMR Solutions</a>. They analyze and compare companies who offer EMR services and software.