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Evidence-Based Practice and Nursing Research: Avoiding Confusion

Building understanding
You need to have a good understanding of research and then you can make use of it. In many ways, research is a foreign language. You must be able to speak and understand it to truly do it.

"We start talking about variables and phenomena and statistical analysis, things we don't use in everyday language," says Flaugher.

But there is hope: Every hospital has people who do speak the language of research.

"You have a lot of people in the hospital who have had experience with research and can become mentors to others," says Flaugher. "They should be seen as leaders in the facility and active in councils and committees" where their experience is needed.

Look at who the people are in your facility currently doing research; in smaller facilities, these names will already be well known.

In addition, look at who is sitting on the institutional review board. Take note of what questions are being asked—what they are looking at when examining proposals.

These experts do not have to be nurses; look for help across other disciplines as well.

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