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Physicians Take SGR Repeal Message to Washington

John Commins, for HealthLeaders Media, March 6, 2014

Seeking Pay-Fors
Hoven concedes, however, that the challenge now is finding a way to pay for the repeal.

"The AMA understands there are diverging opinions about where the pay-for should come from," she says. "Congress has a large menu of pay-for opportunities that CBO has presented to them. We are simply now waiting to understand where these pay-fors will come from."

Nicholas Manetto, a healthcare policy consultant and director at FaegreBD Consulting, says it's difficult to determine whether Congress will be able to repeal SGR by the end of the month.

"That is the $64,000 question," he says. "There is a lot of agreement on the core policy and the provisions of the legislation, but now the biggest question out there is really what's the final price tag and how is it going to be paid for?"

While there are any number of ways to find cuts in the federal budget to pay for the SGR repeal, Manetto says the trick is to move quickly once a set of cuts are identified and agreed upon.

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