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Healthcare Job Growth Boosts Employment Stats

Chelsea Rice, for HealthLeaders Media, October 8, 2012

This month's growth in ambulatory care services represents a return to the trend, before the summer slump that began in June, of job growth that has averaged 26,780 per month this year.

"Consumers are starting to realize you can catch a terrible disease in a hospital, so it's becoming more common thinking that generally it's not a good idea to hang out around there more than you have to," says Pauly.

The perception of the healthcare industry as a juggernaut holds. "As long as people would prefer to have the quality and quantity of their life improve, rather than getting a new refrigerator, then healthcare will continue to grow as it has been over this decade," Pauly said.

But here's the irony, according to Pauly:  "Because the government pays for so much of healthcare, it wants the spending growth to slow, but if it really succeeds in doing that, it's going to kill job growth."

Chelsea Rice is an associate editor for HealthLeaders Media.
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