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With No Harm Threshold, Nearly All Breaches Substantiated in CA

Dom Nicastro, for HealthLeaders Media, August 26, 2010

The reported breaches break down as such:

  • 2,914: Unintentional breach to person outside facility/healthcare system. Example: A patient's prescription is faxed to the wrong number and ends up in a lawyer's office instead of the corner pharmacy.
  • 559: Unintentional breach by healthcare worker within the facility/healthcare system. Example: A nurse faxes a patient record to cardiology instead of radiology.
  • 147: Malicious breach by healthcare worker. A healthcare worker looks at the medical record of a patient without any medical reason to do so.
  • 125: Breach of computer system theft, loss of electronic device/ medical records. Example: A hospital laptop is stolen from an employee's personal car.
  • 21: Malicious breach by person other than a healthcare worker. Example: Someone visiting the hospital sees a medical file on a desk and decides to pick it up and start reading.

Dom Nicastro is a contributing writer. He edits the Medical Records Briefings newsletter and manages the HIPAA Update Blog.
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