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HL20: Larry Rhodes, MD—Passion for Healthcare in the Mountain State

Ryan Chiavetta, December 2, 2013

"There is some type of magic that happens at this camp where these kids take care of each other," says Rhodes. "They have an unspoken bond that they know what they need. It's a pretty remarkable thing."

Camp Mountain Heart has no affiliation with WVU and Rhodes doesn't get paid for volunteering. He does it because he loves his patients and he loves his work. He'll make the extra effort for them, whether it's driving five hours to an outreach clinic or cancelling a vacation to handle an appointment.

Rhodes is at home at West Virginia, and he knows it's the place that needs him the most.
"When I left Philadelphia, I think I was one of 40 pediatric cardiologists in that one children's hospital," he says. "Here, there are nine in the entire state so I feel like I'm doing more of what I was trained to do. I take care of more patients and I just feel like I'm doing more of what my calling was."

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