The Tennessean, April 19, 2011

Franklin, TN-based MedSolutions Inc. is being criticized for making it difficult for people to get high-tech imaging tests by deciding they aren't medically necessary. BlueCross BlueShield of Delaware, one of MedSolutions' clients, was found to have violated state law in its home state by giving the third-party contractor financial incentives to deny doctors' requests for certain heart tests. Also, a study released on Monday by the U.S. Senate's Commerce Committee raised concerns about patients being denied critical heart disease tests, including one that helps doctors diagnose coronary artery disease. "Too many Americans who need lifesaving tests don't get them," said U.S. Sen. John D. "Jay" Rockerfeller IV, the West Virginia Democrat who chairs the commerce committee. "This practice is putting profits over people ? and putting lives at risk." Greg Allen, MedSolutions' CMO, however, said that the company stands by its criteria for evaluating requests.

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