'One-stop Care' Cuts Costs by Double Digits for Seriously Ill Patients

Tinker Ready, March 16, 2017

Double-Digit Cost Reductions
The C-TAC effort will explore costs and identify payment reforms to allow reimbursement for such teams.

In a study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, De Jonge reported that cost-per-Medicare-patient enrolled in the program dropped 12.97% to $44,455 from $50,977.

The per-patient cost of hospital care declined 19.4% to $17,805 from $22,096, and costs declined 20.1% for skilled nursing facility care to $4,821 from $6,098, while home healthcare and hospice care costs grew.

There were no differences in mortality or average time-to-death.

De Jonge said he expects the panel to describe the key elements of a care team for the seriously ill and identify payment reforms to allow reimbursement for that team.

So, the panel will need to find solution not just for the delivery of care, but for how to reimburse for care.

"It is a dead end if you just do the right thing, but you don't have a payment model that supports those services," De Jonge said.

Tinker Ready

Tinker Ready is a contributing writer at HealthLeaders Media.

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