'Serial Infector' Investigation Points to Need for Federal Registry

Cheryl Clark, August 2, 2012

He's being called a "drug diverter," a "serial infector," and the "Typhoid Mary" of New Hampshire's Exeter Hospital.

But the big question healthcare leaders may now be sweating is how a hospital employee or contractor  could so easily hop through hospitals in nine states and "recklessly" infect at least 30 patients with a potentially lethal virus, as federal authorities allege radiology technician David Matthew Kwiatkowski did.

And what others might still be out there, stealing filled syringes in acute care settings, using and infecting them, then returning them for patient care?

If you're an addict wanting to stay high, you'd look to healthcare for a job. Why? With apologies to Willie Sutton, because that's where the narcotics are. 

Kwiatkowski was reportedly axed by two of those hospitals before he even got to Exeter. Yet nobody tried to stop him.


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