Slideshow: The New Quality Equation- Measuring Success and Eliminating Waste

, July 16, 2014

Providing exceptional care has long been the goal for healthcare providers. Serious efforts to measure and benchmark quality, however, are relatively recent. This HealthLeaders Media Intelligence Report explores the gains and gaps in this race to the future.


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The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act emphasizes quality and has helped providers to understand the direction that the healthcare system is headed—"Linking Payment to Quality Outcomes Under the Medicare Program." High quality is what's best for patients, and failure to provide it will have soon have a financial impact on providers.

The survey results also touch on another key issue: The challenge of doing more with less. "Limited resources” is cited as the top challenge for 56% of respondents, and the other issues listed are directly related to resources as well. Improving clinical quality is essential if readmissions, complications, and medical errors are to be reduced.

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