The Baltimore Sun, June 24, 2011

The Towson cardiologist accused of placing cardiac stents into patients who didn't need them had a chance to defend himself this week before the Maryland Board of Physicians, which is deciding whether the doctor should retain his license. The board that oversees physicians' licensing and discipline had charged Mark G. Midei, MD, last June with falsifying patients' records so it would appear they needed treatment. Hearings are closed to the public, but Midei's lawyer, Stephen B. Snyder, said the doctor "was able to articulate all the issues before the full board, and I think they were receptive. Midei said before the hearing that he never made decisions on stent procedures alone and did not benefit financially from additional stent procedures. In addition to the board action, the doctor is also facing private lawsuits from patients at St. Joseph Medical Center. He has filed a countersuit against the hospital, contending that it has damaged his career.
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