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Disagreement About Overloaded Physicians

A Massachusetts Medical Society report suggests a number of physician specialties are operating under severe labor market conditions, but health plans think differently.

1 comments on "Disagreement About Overloaded Physicians"
bestfriendofdrugdealerdoc:/ (1/6/2011 at 9:09 AM)

i can't help but wonder, just a thought, but if the majority of your average docs didn't live in $700,000 homes and drive $75,000 Mercedes, and instead invested some of their earnings into fully staffing their offices and group practices (not just with the minimum that will cut it), and show up to the office more than twice a week with some form of attendance accountability, perhaps these access to care issues would be greatly decreased. it is frustrating that the doc is hailed as the hero in the US,and can do no wrong, when compared to their European Counterparts they are a shame. This mentality is exactly why many docs in the 90s felt that their practice wasn't profitting enough and moved to cosmetics. What a nightmare. The AMA should be ashamed for allowing this perverse ideology to prevail.