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Learning From Our Mistakes 10 Years After To Err Is Human

As health providers recall the 10-year anniversary of the Institute of Medicine's celebrated wake-up call, "To Err Is Human," what key things have we learned?

1 comments on "Learning From Our Mistakes 10 Years After To Err Is Human"
Sherry Chaffin (9/19/2010 at 8:41 PM)

This article written my Cheryl Clark 12/2/2009 is about my cousin, Dan Jennings. I just wanted to add for anyone that may be interested that Daniel passed away on 9/10/2010 in his home in Fredricksburg, TX after 10 years of pain & suffering & depression from this horrible mistake. If you can let Cheryl Clark know, it would be greatly appreciated, as we appreciate her writing this article. Thank You, Sherry Chaffin