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Physician Shortage to Quadruple Within Decade, AAMC Says

The current physician shortage is set to quadruple with U.S. specialties reaching a shortage of 91,500 doctors by 2020, the Association of American Colleges reports. AAMC is offering advice on how to meet the growing need.

5 comments on "Physician Shortage to Quadruple Within Decade, AAMC Says"
Carlos Ming (6/25/2011 at 12:42 PM)

You know who is pushing this "physician shortage" comic book story over and over again? Hospitals and insurance companies. THERE IS NO SHORTAGE. The golden dream of health care corporations is for there to be an OVERPOPULATION of physicians. This menas more competetion and LESS REIMBURSEMENT, so these gargoyles can have even more profit. Take a look at countries like spain, or argentina in which primary care phsyicians make even less money than people who didn't even finish a college education.
Layton Lang (5/11/2011 at 4:09 PM)

There is no physician shortage!!!! The figures are false. The problem is that we have plenty of working physicians; they are not geographically distributed correctly. The report fails to take into account all of the foreign trained physicians coming into the country. Lastly, the article assumes we are all going to practice medicine the same as we have been doing for 40 years. As we know, due to the glut of physician labor, patients receive more care than they actually need because of the competition for business.
Terry Brown, D.O. (1/20/2011 at 11:46 AM)

Did this include D.O.s as well as MDs. Anybody know? D.O.s of course have all the same specialties as MDs.
Benjamin Brown, M.D. (1/5/2011 at 7:00 PM)

As it is now, physicians work nearly twice as many hours in a lifetime as most other professions and early about $30 per hour after all time and tuition is considered. Read the cost-analysis at
lynnie (1/4/2011 at 12:01 PM)

I hope we also see more inclusion of naturopathic physicians into our delivery system. These doctors are very helpful in managing chronic conditions and promoting healthy living. Seems to be would be great compliment to the primary care physicians.