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Health Plans: Data Proves that Meddling Works

Health insurers these days will latch on to any bit of good press. That's why they were giddy about a recent study published in Health Affairs that indicated private insurance plans control healthcare costs better than Medicare.

1 comments on "Health Plans: Data Proves that Meddling Works"
Chloe (2/3/2011 at 2:55 PM)

Two questions: Is there any differential in these two groups as far as outcomes, readmissions, etc? The other question is,all of this "meddling" takes personnel and infrastructure. It is quite expendive to pay for these "meddlers." The insurance companies keep all of this inhouse, in effect, thay are "paying" themselves rather than paying for health care. So, that being said, one cannot just compare the total dollars paid to providers. So the question remains, hiw do the two groups compare in total dollars spent to deliver health care?