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Medical Imaging War Pits Doctor vs. Doctor

Radiologists are happy; orthopedists are upset. This is just some of the fallout in Maryland over the state’s high court ruling last month that upheld a state law prohibiting physicians from referring patients for MRI, CT, and radiation therapy services to providers in their own group practice.

1 comments on "Medical Imaging War Pits Doctor vs. Doctor"
joe (2/15/2011 at 11:00 AM)

the key to affordable, quality, integrated care is to take the profit motive OUT of health care, along with the greedy, unnecessary insurance companies and do what's best for the patients, and cover ALL Americans with basic health care at a lower cost...Canada does it well and for about 60% of the cost in US, per person...if we could take the slimy politicians and corporate whores out of the equation then it would work here too!