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Medicare Fraud Strike Force Nabs 111 in 9 Cities

At least eight physicians, eight nurses, and several healthcare company executives were among those charged in the largest one-day sweep of its kind. Federal investigators say in total, those charged were responsible for at least $225 million in false billings.

1 comments on "Medicare Fraud Strike Force Nabs 111 in 9 Cities"
David Moskowitz MD FACP (2/19/2011 at 1:58 PM)

$225 million is peanuts compared to the $50 billion a year that Medicare itself has been defrauding the American people since 2006. Medicare could have been saving almost 10% of its budget by preventing 90% of dialysis. That amounts to $50 billion a year now. Turns out too many bureaucrats' salaries are supported by kidney failure to get rid of the disease. Details are at Incidentally, Medicare's Office of the Inspector General didn't consider this to be fraud when I contacted them about it.